Top 5 gadgets that I adore

Being an IT girl, naturally, I am passionate about the “inventions” that make my life easier. I have came up with a top 5 gadgets that I love to work with and, of course, the explication about why did I choose one specific product in favor of all the others. My selection is purely subjective to my habits and I was not paid in any way to advertise them. Hope you enjoy it!

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 18.55.09

1. My trusted laptop

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 19.01.17

On the top of the list I will have to add the gadget that allows me to do the things that I love most: to write articles and to test software applications. In order to have them both merged in a single device my option was a MacBook Air. It is slim, has the optimal weight, but it is also powerful enough to allow me to run the software that I need for the freelance work that I do. It allows me to make professional presentations and the keyboard is amazing for writing. Another feature that I am in love with is the battery, I can use it for more than 5 hours without having to plug it in. When I want to work during the night time, the keyboards light allows me to that without having to keep my lights on.  I have always preferred Mac OS in favor of Windows, but if you don’t find yourself attracted to it, there are plenty of other options that offer you the same benefits as the MB Air.

2. My smartphone

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 18.55.39.png

The gadget that I use the most, is my phone. Apart from the old fashion texting and calling, it also has to allow me to access my email and social network applications. Another feature that I use a lot from it, is the camera since most of the pictures that I share are from the daily routine. For all of these I have purchased the iPhone 6S. It is simple and powerful at the same time, not to mention fashionable and with the Rose Gold color, Apple made me fan for life.

3. My tablet


I mainly use the tablet for browsing the internet and for Pinterest. For a while I also used it for reading technical books, but the display was a bit of a problem so I returned to the physical books that I love to collect. For these my option was the iPad 2 that I brought in 2012 and was faithful to me ever since. Apart from the design and the dimensions, the battery is amazing, I can use it for more than 10 hours and for me this was a big plus. Although it is quite old, I sill use it frequently without any problems and if I were to replace it, it would definitely be with one of its nephews. It was the first apple product that I bought and it made me a fan of the brand.

4. My smart watch


The latest addition to my gadget collection is my iWatch series 1. Before I bough it, I had a smart fitness bracelet that I wore almost all the time for 6 moths. I like to be able to know what are my next agenda items without to have my phone stuck to my hand. Also I don’t like it when I am at dinner and the table is filled with phones, so this gadget allowes me to see what is happening on my phone, without having it facing me ALL THE TIME. The iWatch also allows you to answer / dismiss your phone calls, messages and, if you want to know how much you exercised today, you have plenty of applications to show you. I chose Apple (again), because of the perfect integration with my phone, but there are many other options that offer the same functionality, even for a lower price.

5. My Polaroid camera

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 19.00.54.png

For my birthday, my colleagues gave me an instant camera from Fuji film Instax Mini 8 that I fell in love in a second. Having the physical photos and using them for collages was always something that I liked, but with the emerge of the digital era, I had all my photos stored in a drive somewhere on my computer. The fact that you cannot take a million selfies to get the perfect one, is something that makes me like this camera even more, since I just love the perfection of the imperfection. If you are also a fan of the polaroid cameras from the 90′ then you should definitely invest in this type of camera.

Although most of these items make you addicted to them (!!!) and I am strongly advising you to take periodic breaks from them all, I also know that we love them for the value that they bring to our lives. This was my selection of gadgets and I hope you found it useful, especially if you are planning of adding some new devices to your life.


Traveling: Hungarian Adventure – Miskolc

What better way to celebrate ageing another year than going to the spa? And near the city of Miskolc there is no ordinary spa, but the Cave Baths filled with thermal water. If you are planning to go to Hungary in the future, make sure you add an extra day to visit Miskolc, the 4th biggest city, you will be in for a treat.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 23.36.47

Placed in the northwestern side of Hungary,  it is approximately 200 km from Budapest and it is well known for it’s famous Cave Baths that attract tourists from all around the world. Although I wouldn’t schedule a visit to Hungary only for it, I definitely recommend add it to your itinerary if you are in the neighborhood. The national currency is the huff  (1 euro = 0.0032 ).

For accommodation you can choose to rent a room near the caves, the whole era is filled with renting houses and if you choose wisely you will be withing walking distance from both the caves and the restaurants. And speaking of the later, make sure you order the famous Hungarian dish goulash while you are there.  As for the prices, we paid around 110 euros for 2 rooms with shared bathroom for 2 nights. The price for a meal for 2 persons will go around 16 – 20 euro and the portions are usually huge.

The entrance fee for the caves is 5,7 euro for a full day and to it you can add extra options (like sauna, massage etc.). Withing the spa the number of sun beds is limited and it can be a problem if it is a crowded day, but there are hangers to leave your towel all around the place. The water is cooler in the first 2-3 rooms, but rises to about 35 Celsius degrees in the last chambers. In the last room you can also find color therapy.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 23.37.24

We spent around 5 hours in the spa and headed for the city when it was time to eat, you can also choose to eat at the cafeteria, but we decided to add a visit to the city center. There are less than 10 km from the caves to the center where the old buildings are all around the place. The distances are not that big and they can easily be covered by foot. Make sure you also add a visit to Castle of Diósgyőr before you leave Miskolc. It is placed 10 km from the baths and it can tell you a lot about the history of the city. The entrance fee is around 3 euros.

It was the second time I’ve visited Hungary and I will definitely do it again. I am in love with the Hungarian building architecture and traditional dishes. If you are thinking about adding it to your traveling list make sure you squeeze in the famous thermal baths from Miskolc, you will not regret it.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 23.37.35






Your birthday is much more than a number

With my birthday around the corner, I heard so many people asking me if I am nervous for ageing another year. With all sincerity my answer is always: No and here are my reasons for why.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 21.04.02

  • I am very proud of where I am today!

It took me 27 years to get here and I can proudly say that this is indeed my best version. I make it my quest to be even better next year and so on. My competition is me and I intend to win.

  • My age doesn’t define who I am!

I refuse to believe that I fit into a box just because of my age number. Maybe I am your average 27 year old, but for me I am the star of the show. If I receive a label from someone I don’t make it my problem, what people are thinking is their problem.

  • I love my birthday for the best wishes and presents  that I receive from my friends.

Each year I receive a lot of messages from my friends, family and colleagues, even ex-colleagues. Those are the people for whom I made a difference, it’s nice to know I still matter to them. Of course, I also love the presents that I am receiving (who doesn’t !!!).

  • Adulthood is hard enough without adding the “age” related anxiety.

I am an anxious person and I get to worry about a lot of things, I just refuse to let age be another one. Nothing can be taken for granted and I want to make the best of what I get.

Enjoy your anniversary for the nice things it brings to you, choose to see the full part of the glass and remember that the quality beverages are always pored to fill up to half of it.


Letter to the woman that still uses her man/dad/brother to promote herself: you are ruining the work of feminists

You know that feeling of accomplishment that you get when you achieve something on your own? Or that independence feeling that you get when you know you are capable of taking care of yourself? Of course you don’t, because you just love being someones mistress and you are so proud of yourself. I would die to know why!

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a woman and getting the attention from the opposite sex, I just don’t use it as my daily job. It was never my intention to discover prince charming’s wealth and have him support me. On the contrary, I love being a self independent woman, man usually say that they love that about me. But what about you? Do man love the fact that you are so dependent of them? And also can you love a man that is not encouraging you to be able to live without him?

But maybe you are working, maybe you got a job in your husbands company, or perhaps in the company where he is the manager. Maybe your daddy offered you a hand to open your own business and now you FINALLY got the chance to show them all that you are capable of being independent. But are you really?

Are you offended by my anger? Are you wandering what is my problem? Well I can easily give you the answer, my problem is you: the biggest enemy of the work of feminists and of those who want equality between sexes. Every time a man objectifies me I know that he was either raised by one like you or had / has a girlfriend / wife like you. Every time I meet you in the office and I know you are there only because of your connections it makes me sick to my stomach. Every time I see you get a promotion instead of someone who deserves it, I get angry. Every time me or one of my friends get mistreated by a man that thinks we are for sale, just as you are, I get mad.

But enough about me, what about you? Do you get angry when you see other women work for what they have? Do you think they are just plain stupid for not using the power of their man? Do does questions ever popup in your pretty head? Didn’t think so.

In the end I have some bad news: you know your daughter, she will also be treated like an object, just as you are. She will get cheated on, just as you are. Ooo, you didn’t know? Well, men love power and you are there to stay, because you don’t have another option, so he can do whatever he wants, including cheating. When you get catcalled on the street, or touched without your consent, you should feel proud of yourself, this is something that you are adverting.

Even if you are doing your best to keep the ideal woman a house pet, your era is coming to an end. You are taking us all a step back, but not for long. You will be ignored by all the women that are supporting the equality between sexes, you will be left alone in the company that you are not fairly owning and you will have no friends among your colleagues. I hear more and more man support the idea of feminism, so you will soon be left without a host to feed and live on.

PS: I attached a video about you, enjoy !

Why wearing red can make you feel more powerful and attractive

This season came with a new trend color: Red. Red shoes, red dresses, red lipstick, red coats, anything that comes in this color will immediately draw the attention towards you and make you the star of the day. And it’s not applied only to wardrobe items, but also to hair, lipstick or makeup. But why is this color so powerful and why does it make you feel like you can conquer the world when wearing it?


Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 19.11.39

Lets first bring science into action and explain why are we so susceptible when it comes to the color of passion.

Red is one of the four primary colors, along with blue, yellow and green, and it’s the one representing physical emotions. Our ancestors first started to paint their bodies red using natural crayons and it stand for the color of blood, that could have been associated to either life or death, depending on the ceremony. It was used by all the cultures around the world and we often see it in the items discovered by archeologists.
Although it is not the most visible one, it has the most power when it comes to attracting attention, this being the reason why traffic lights use it and also error codes in the IT field. Often associated with masculinity, red makes peoples heart rate increase and triggers the “fight or flight” reaction.
Sometimes is stands out for negative sentiments, such as aggressiveness, domination, violence or quick-temper, but also for positive ones such as affection, love, passion or life.

Old society was afraid of it’s power.

Unfortunately in the past it was also the color of whores and witches. They were condemned by the early society for the power that inflicted on mans. It was often said that a woman with red hair had the power to put a spell on even the most powerful man and make them obedient, this leaded to a series of crimes made against red headed women and they were burned alive for witchcraft.
If we go back to the era of courtesans and geisha’s, we would find out that red was their favorite color, especially for the lips, makeup and hair accessories, due to it’s power to attract the attention from both sexes. The Red Light District from Amsterdam become notorious by using it and also the Red Carpet that it is used at events took advantage of the colors power.

Nowadays red is the color of love, desire, determination and lust.

In the country side when a girl had red cheeks that would be a sign of both health and beauty, giving her more chances for a proposal, reason why we now use blush to make our cheeks resemble roses.
Getting attention from the opposite sex is easier when you are wearing red, science also says. This vibrant color will surround you with an allure of both power, dominance and confidence. There are rumors of waitresses confessing that wearing red will make them earn more tips from the costumers, whether this is a fact or not, cannot be probed by science, but we can for sure give it a try when we want to burst our charisma. The BDSM culture has red as it’s trademark color and when it comes to lingerie, the red one is definitely ranked as the sexier.

From my experience in working in an office I can tell you for sure that moving from blonde to scarlet red made me far more attractive to my colleagues but also to man in general. I have been receiving more likes on Facebook or Instagram. Also I see myself as more self-secured when it comes to expressing myself and standing up to my opinion.
I have made it one of my routines to add a little more red to my look when I want to draw the attention to myself when giving a speech or having a meeting where I want to make my voice heard. I see that mansplaining is less likely to occur when I am wearing this slightly aggressive color. My most in-handy solution is the red lipstick. I have it always in my purse and I add it as soon as I am in need of a new vibe of confidence. For me it’s like a shield in an office mainly filled with man. If you want to put is’t magic to a test you should definitely give it a try.

As a woman that is working in the IT world, mostly with men and for men, it can be quite hard to make myself heard or taken into account, so I am constantly trying to find solutions to empower me and the woman around be to make our voice visible. Red somehow manages to give me that extra burst that I need when in comes to confidence so I encourage all ladies around the world to give it a try and see what it can do for them. Maybe it is the ingredient they were lacking.

Book Review: They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? by Horace McCoy

Are you in the mood for a depressing story? Perfect, I found exactly what you are searching for.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 16.51.36

Easy to read and with a single story line, the book starts with Roberts trial, where he will be sentenced for killing Gloria, his partner from the dance marathon. The book is narrated by Robert and tells his side of the story, starting with the moment he met troubled Gloria, up until he is taken by the police.
McCoy’s book revels a not so glamorous part of Hollywood and pus in the spotlight the shallowness of those how will do about anything to get the public’s attention. Gloria’s and Robert’s struggle to make it in the world of the stars, along  with the repercussions of deep depression will keep you stuck to the book until you finish it.
The name is taken from a story of Robert, whose grandfather had to shoot his favorite horse when it brook it’s leg, just to put it out of its misery. The young boy doesn’t understand the decision and resents his grandfather for his cruel behavior. He finally understands it when he gets overwhelmed by Gloria’s suffering.

In the year of 1969, the movie with the same name is released. The cast includes  Jane Fonda, Michael Sarrazin and Susannah York and gets the Academy Award for best actor in a supporting role.

“They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” is one of those books that you love and hate at the same time. Written in an amazing way, it captivates you from the first page and, until the last one, you don’t anticipate the final of the story. Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who is feeling low, but I would definitely add it to the list of books that should be read in a lifetime.



Why “Picture perfect” is ruining your chances at happiness


Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 12.06.11.png

A while ago it was only the celebrities who faced the pressure of always looking at their best. Having the perfect body, the perfect make-up, the one of a kind dress and when the paparazzi managed to get a picture of them, they had to look flawless. They were an example for the masses and could not afford to be regular humans. Women would give birth and 3 months later be on the runway, men would present their six-pack on the front pages of the magazines and, of course, none of them would show any sighs of ageing. Picture of their amazing looking houses, families or vacations would make the home viewers dream about how if would feel to be in their shows.

Public figures

And then the era of social media emerged. Applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr etc. transformed regular people into public figures. Real time access to strangers lives, receiving immediate feedback on the information you were sharing and the continuous competition with the other users is now happening on a daily basis. Although it comes with a lot of benefits: liberty of expressing yourself, easy access to information, ability to be on track of anything that is happening around the world, it also comes with a price: the pressure of always wanting your life to look picture perfect FOR OTHERS TO SEE.
We want to be special, we want our body to be one-of-a-kind, our love life to be epic and, of course, we want others to see it. If it is not on social media, it doesn’t exist. But at what cost? What are we sacrificing for the perfect images? Are those images a reflection of our lives or just a well advertised fictional product?

Picture perfect only from outside

We create profiles to match the ideal form of our lives, we carefully pick the best looking pictures to represent us, we share our thoughts just to let the others know how smart and funny we are, we present the expensive items we receive as gifts or that we purchase and we let everyone know that we are traveling the world. But are we really living the moment?
The best word to describe what social media does to us would be anxiety. Humans are social beings, we are programmed to seek the acceptance of the others, our survival used to depend on that. Nowadays, it is only the mental health that depends on it. So we make it our quest to look perfect in the eyes on the others.
We travel to a foreign country only to see it though our camera, we go out with friends only to stare at our phones all night, we go to rock concerts only to make “a live” for the not so lucky ones from home. We are taking a million pictures, just to get that perfect shot that we can share. We are stressed by the fact that we cannot find the best candidate, we stress about finding it and having to put it in the worlds eyes. We are stressing about the feedback that we receive. Even when the feedback is grate and we get a new record of likes, we start stressing about the new record that we need to beat with our next post.

Look better rather than feel better

We are wearing uncomfortable outfits when we travel, just to look good. We are having surgeries to correct our flaws, in order to have the perfect selfies. We have our phone build in our hands all the time. We are paying for photo shoots and reality shows about us to feel as a celebrity, forgetting that it should be the other way around. We are reinventing ourselves online, only to be disappointed when we meet people like us in the real life.

Feeling disappointed when others do not meet our expectations

Before meeting someone new, we stalk them on social media to find out “who they are”. We create a profile in our mind long before we actually meet them and we get disappointed when they don’t meet our expectation. We feel cheated when this happens and we start having trust issues, but we forget that we are not exactly the same as our profile describes us either.

Adulthood is hard even without the pressure of always looking perfect. We design our world to resemble high school even after we long graduated from college. The picture perfect moment cannot always be caught on camera, sometimes it just has to remain in our minds.
Don’t let perfection ruin beautiful moments, learn to enjoy the experience and use social media to share the moments with your real friends, not to brag about them to your followers. Let the others see who you truly are, no filters, no editing and also allow them to show you their real profile, you might enjoy it more than the carefully selected attributes.

Traveling: Reasons to visit Venice before it sinks

Scientists revealed that Venice is sinking 5 times faster than it was believed. With 2mm a year, you should definitely think about visiting the floating city while it’s still above the water. If you aren’t convinced about packing your bags yet, I hope by the time you finish reading the article you are. Here are a few reasons and hints on how to visit the “old lady”.


If you chose to come by airplane, you should know that Venice has 2 airports Treviso and Marco Polo, non of them being on the island. In order to get to the city you would need to take a bus that you can find at the exit of the airport and will leave you at Piazza Roma. The price of the ticket is around 14 euro (22 for the round trip) and you can purchase it from the office or from the bus driver. If you chose to come by car, you have to leave it in a parking lot, make sure it is on the right space because fees for parking are up to 900 euro.

When you say Venice, you immediately think of old buildings, with high ceilings and wood furniture. You can picture the gorgeous courtesans at their balconies luring man into their chambers. If you want to feel the city, you should definitely rent an old apartment in the city center. The prices are not higher than the ones from the hotels and due to the dimension of the city, if you choose wisely you can have everything within walking distance. I used Airbnb  platform and rented an amazing 1 bedroom apartment, with old and new elements and payed for 3 nights around 200 euro. You should also know that the city resembles a maze, so it can be hard to find the correct address, but the locals are very friendly and will guide you for sure, if you ask.

The only way of public transport withing the island is by water: vaporetto, gondolas or taxi boats. I decided to make a 24 hours subscription for the vaporetto (20 euro) and visit also the islands of Murano, where you can see the glass factory and the island of Burano, known for the lace museum. If you decide to take this option, you should definitely take the boat at sunset and cross Canal Grande, the view is breathtaking.

While you are here, make sure you go for a ride with a gondola. The city is filled with places where you can take one, the ride is around 30 minutes (even if they say that it’s an hour, if they have costumers in line, they will make it shorter), it costs 80 euro for the daylight version and 100 for the nighttime and a group up to 5 can go at a time (the online tickets are 60 euro and during the week you can negotiate the price ). The gondoliere will show you Casanova’s  and Marco Polo’s house (for the Canal Grande tour) and will give you information about Venice.

San Marco is the main square and it is also the place where you can see the church with the same name. The entrance is free for the church, but the line can be very long, especially during the weekends. The access to the balcony, where you can see the lagoon, has a tax of 8 euro. If you decide to purchase a city pass you should include in list of places to visit:  Doge’s Palace, Clock Tower and the Lace Museum. Make sure you buy your pass online, since it is the only place you can do it. Also in the San Marco square you will find Florian, the first coffee shop in the world, it dates from the year of 1720, so if you are a real fan of coffee, make sure you visit it at least once (a cup of coffee is around 15 euro).

When it comes to food, you should brace yourself, because you will gain weight while you are in Italy, since it is the home of patisserie, cappuccino, pasta and pizza. If you are a fan of sea food, then you are in luck, the pasta and pizza with sea food should be in your menu. As for the beverages, don’t you even think about leaving without trying the Aperoli Spritz. An average meal will cost you around 25 euro, depending on what you would like to eat, but you can also chose to have the daily menu (just make sure you it includes only italian food and not regular fast food). I suggest you look for the small patisserie shops that you find within the island where the locals drink their coffee, the prices will be lower and the quality higher.

If you are wondering what is the perfect time to visit, you should know that between the 17th  and 28th of February the Carnival is taking place. You get to see the participants, and why not yourself, wearing costumes and masks. Make sure you purchase an Italy made mask and not the ones that are imported, these are the best gift that you can buy from here and they come in all sorts of shapes and colors. During the carnival nights you get to see the pairs dancing on the rhythms of waltz and tango.

I hope I convinced you to start booking your tickets for the beautiful city that stole my heart. Enjoy la grande bellezza d’Veneto. In the link below you can find more pictures from my trip:

We danced our youth in a dreamed-up city–img
Venice, paradise, proud and pretty.
We lived for love and lust and beauty,
Pleasure, then, our only duty.
Floating then ‘twixt heaven and earth,
And drunk on plenty’s blessed mirth,
We thought ourselves eternal, then,
Our glory sealed by God’s own pen.
But paradise, we found, is always frail.
Against men’s fear, we always fail.”
– Dangerous Beauty, Veronica Franco





Book review: Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Financial education for the masses, these would be the best words to describe the book. Easy to read and understand, narrated in a teleshopping type of voice, it tries to educate the reader in the matter of understanding how the money work.


The title is suggesting the idea of the two sides of the coin, one highly educated father that is struggling to pay his dues, while being stuck in the rat race, and one rich father that gave up school and learn how to mingle to money.

During the years that we spend in school we learn little about money, we are always focused on mastering one discipline in order to get one stable job and, then, afford all the nice things that we want. We get stuck into the so called rat race, where we struggle to pay our bills, to make more money, but only to get into an even bigger debt, while the government gets more than half of our money.

The author is offering you a 10 steps program to get rich and since I am not a big fan of following steps I was not thrilled by the voice of the book, although I do believe there are important things you can learn from the here. The first, and probably the most important, is to learn about the Cash Flow. What are your assets and what are your liabilities. The idea of putting money to work for you, that is also present in The Richest Man in Babylon, it is here described better and also comes with ways of identifying the possible fortune bringer.

I highly recommend the book for a light entertaining in the weekend. Cannot say that I would read more from Kiyosaki, due to this alliance with Trump and because of the style of the book that is somehow trying to sell you something, from more books written by him or one of his games, but I can say that Rich Dad, Poor Dad made me more aware of the way I am sometimes finding myself in the rat race.

The art of letting go

We are having a hard time when it comes to letting go, we even get so accustomed to pain, that we start enjoying it. And today I am no longer talking about things, but about people.


During the years we come into contact with many types of people, some of them bring value to our lives and we want to keep them close to us, but others are just like vampires, sucking the life out of us.

None can “force” you to set them free,  but if they are falling into the following categories you should definitely give it a thought:

  1. Old boyfriends/girlfriends for which you / they still have feelings. I have heard of a lot of relations that turn into friendships, but you need to understand that if either of you is still on hold (even if unconscious) waiting for the other, this is not a healthy friendship. Take a moment and think if you/him/her had any relations lately and if not, set them free.
  2. The person that friend zoned you / that you friends zoned. Even if you/him/her say that the feelings are history, you should walk away. You do not want the constant reminder of the rejection, for you or them!
  3. Childhood friends with whom you no longer have a connection. When we grow old, we develop in different ways and some friendships are not meant to last. The saying “friends are like wine, the older the better” forgets that not all types of wine are long lasting. You enjoyed them when it was their season, but now the “taste” has changed.
  4. Family friends whom you never liked, but for the sake of the others you tolerated. The good part about adulthood is that you get to choose your friends.
  5. Coworkers that you don’t like but you still hang out with them after hours. If you prefer to be in the company of people you don’t like, better than being by yourself, you should ask yourself why is that. If you feel lonely, being with someone you don’t enjoy will only make it worst, learn to accept the loneliness. There is a big different between being alone and being lonely.
  6. Family members that make you feel bad. It does not matter if we are talking about your brother, sister or parents, if you don’t enjoy their company you do not have to be in their presence. Every once in a while you can give it another try, because we are talking about family, but if the dynamic does not change, you should not put yourself through that.
  7. Friends of friends, that are brought along when hanging out, but are not resembling your friends. Be honest about this, if they are your friends, they will split the gatherings.
  8. Friends of your boyfriends/girlfriend that you are not happy about. Don’t choose to separate them, you wouldn’t want to have to give up on your friends, so don’t do that to your partner. Choose to avoid hanging out with them, but organizing nights out each of you with his/her friends.
  9. Anyone that publicly shames you! Even if they are acting nice when you are alone, the fact that their behavior changes when they are in public it is a clear sign of disrespect.
  10. This last category contains the worst type of people, if you know anyone from here, you should ask for professional help. People that threaten you, physically or emotional harms you, frightens or stalks you.    

As we advance in life, time passes faster. When we are kids, our brain processes all the information so it gives us the impression that time flies in slow motion, but with age, it no longer does that. Don’t waste your precious time one random people.