Elite Daily : From dream to disappointment

For quite a while I was a fan of the articles from Elite Daily, although they are sometimes shallow, I remained faithful to the publication. When I read on their website about the contributors team, I immediately applied to become one. At about same time I started to be very disappointed of them.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 10.59.24

I received both the acceptance as a contributor and the rejection letter. 

I first received the acceptance letter and the account details, but after a few hours I also received a rejection letter (wtf???). I never actually knew which one was the mistake but I still got my account, so I decide to go with the flow.

My first submitted article was accepted for publication. 

You can imagine my surprise and the thrill that I got when I saw that the very first article submitted was set to be published on my favorite platform. After 2 weeks I got to see my name on the site and what looked like parts of my article, but not actually my article. The content was modified and my voice got changed. From the empowering voice that I had, I was now whining about happened to me. Although my disappointment was huge, I was still flattered by the fact that my article and name was up there.

I started to make my articles fit for the them.

I found myself trying to make them like my writing. I settled my voice to a lower tone and I tried not to have a strong opinion. Furthermore I felt really bad when my articles were denied without an explanation on the why. The more I tried to make my writing Elite Daily material, the more I hated what resulted and frustration was gathered as they rejected them.

There is no communication between the publishers and the contributors. 

The modifications were made without my consent and the publishers never spoke directly to me. The message regarding the subscribed article is either yes or no, no negotiations. Also after clicking send, you cannot modify or, in fact see the article.

I got my account suspended with no explanation. 

The first article got published in February, the second one in April and in May I got my account suspended. I started working on a new piece, went on vacation and when I got back I could only see the admin profile page. Not the articles that I wrote, not the one in progress and no Add post button. I was confused, so naturally I sent an email to the addresses that I could find, after a week I received the email that I should have got a while ago, but they “missed” my email: They no longer accept contributors (they got bought by a different company with a new vision) and if I want I can apply for one of their part time / full time jobs.

From the dream of becoming a contributor for what I thought was the coolest platform, I ended up with a sour taste of what this publication really is. The process was cold and the editors distant, I am happy that I got the opportunity to work with them, but I am definitely seeing Elite Daily a lot different now.

Book Review: To kill a mocking bird by Harper Lee

An extraordinary classic book that you definitely need to read at least once in a lifetime. Written in 1960, it won a Pulitzer Prize and became a classic of modern literature.


The book is narrated by Scout, a 6 year old girl that is living in Maycomb, Alabama in 1936. She gets to see her dad trying to represent in court a black man accused of abusing a white woman. Dealing with rape and racism from the innocent point of view of a child is Harper’s way of bringing the attention upon what the ignorant society does to a young soul.

The books title is taken from one of the lessons that Atticus gives to his daughter: never kill a mockingbird, because it would be an act of cruelty since all these birds do is to enchant us with their songs. The parallel between killing a mockingbird and destroying the innocents is found throughout the book with numerous characters that will suffer due to racism and ignorance. 

In the year of 1962, the novel was turned into a movie that won 3 Oscars and 2 Golden Globes (only to name a few of the awards). It is featuring Gregory Peck, John Megna and Frank Overton and if you are a fan of old, black and white movies, you are going to fall in love with this one. 

If I were to choose between the book and the novel, I honestly couldn’t do it. As a personal preference I like to first read the book and only after watch the movie, but either way I highly recommend you to check them both. I hope you enjoy one of the best novels I ever read.


Surviving guide for dating on Tinder

Using matching apps for dating is now a normal thing and if you didn’t hear about the new Tinder mania then you are definitely living in the wrong era. Here are a few things you have to expect.

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 18.44.21

So you made the big step and installed it on your phone, probably you looked at it for a while before opening it and created a profile. Wisely chosen a few photos of yourself and wrote a really “deep” short bio. You are now ready for scooping around!

I knew about Tinder for a few years before actually use it, since I was very suspicious about online dating. I was a lousy picker of man even when I could see them face to face, so I was definitely not ready to judge only by looking at a picture. One day a friend of mine told me she created a profile because she suspected her boyfriend was cheating through the app so she searched for him (and found him). After breaking up, she wanted the distraction so she went on a couple of dates, furthermore she told me I should give it a try since I was single for a while and I could use some dating experience.

Now here I was, in the same spot as you’ve probably been, trying to figure out how is this app working. At first I declined all the guys, because I though I can “save them for later”, but this had an easy fix: deleted the profile and created it again. Following are a few things you need to be aware of if you are using Tinder:

Be extra careful with the super like functionality.

One day, I was casually swiping left and right after a major app update, when I accidentally super liked a really weird gangsta guys pic! The panic stroke me and, of course, there is no way that I could take it back. When he “accepted” me, I immediately blocked him and I’m still praying that I will never see him on the streets. You might want to be careful with that feature!

Nothing is what it seems.

We are all advertising our best version, so don’t expect your Tinder date to be as gorgeous as the pictures from his profile. You need to be opened minded about this and see your date as the MC Donald’s burger, it doesn’t look like the pictures but it still might be good.

One of my dates was with a guy, who was so short that he would stare at my breasts when facing me, of course in the pictures he looked tall so I went wearing heels. Still we had fun and in the end I’ve made a new friend.

D*ck pics are coming your way. 

Many people use this for casual sex and will not be shy about it, make sure you don’t accept them on your other accounts before being 100% sure that you are ok with them (Tinder chat doesn’t allow pictures so you are safe there).

One morning while I was at work preparing my coffee, I herd my chat ring. Nothing unusual since I was talking with this really cute guy from Tinder, that I liked enough to add on Facebook.  I was with the group of coworkers with whom I usually meet in the mornings. Here I am with my girls talking to me, my coffee in one hand and phone in the other when all of the sudden : TADAM!!! D*ck pics, more of them, different angles and, of course, the comment that he was thinking of me that morning. From the shock I spilled the coffee on my lovely white pants and my face was changing more colors than the Barcelona’s fountains. All the girls were asking me what did I see to reacted like that and to should show them also( hell NO). As you could have probably guessed I did not appreciate the pictures, especially before coffee and I blocked the guy. To avoid this type of embarrassment, keep the conversation on Tinder until at least you had the first date.

Getting better with practice.

After a few dates, I was able to tell apart some different Tinder type of guys and learned to avoid the casual sex type, the cheating on my spouse / girlfriend guy and so on. Another thing I’ve learned was that even the most happy relationship can be fake, I saw a lot of my happily married with kids acquaintances on there. At first you will feel the urge to tell about the infidelities, but unless it is a very close friend of yours, I suggest you let it go and don’t make it your business.

Having fun & making friends.

Half a year after using Tinder I started to enjoy going on random dates with random guys. Not making a fuss when things didn’t worked out and, the best of all, making friends from my dates. For a single person, I think it was beneficial to go out and experience, I’ve learned a lot about myself in that period and it gained me a lot of confidence.

Using Tinder to date is not a bad or immoral thing to do, let go of you prejudices and learn to enjoy the company of people you don’t know. You will get to practice small talk a lot and learn how to advertise your qualities at the fullest. Don’t forget about your safety, so inform a friend that you are out and if things go badly tell her to call you to tell you that your cat is sick (I used that one and it worked :-p ). Enjoy!



Life’s to easy for you? Upgrade it by dating @work!

Ever wondered what could you do to make your single life more miserable? Didn’t find it’s hard enough to be turned down by a random person and you wanted a daily reminder of that rejection? Or did you wanted to see your ex 9 hours a day ? The answer to your prayers is here: date a colleague from work (or school – that will also do it).

Of course he is cute and is making you laugh, especially in the morning when you are drinking your “so needed” coffee. Monday is making him blossom and all you want to hear from him are the magic words: “Will you go out with me?”. But is this worth the trouble?

A while ago I heard a myth that said the relationships that start between colleagues have more than 50% chances of ending in marriage. Well I do not know who was the a*shole that said that, but I would really want to kick him, hard! I am not sure if he (I am 100% sure that is a he) was even from this time, but what I could tell you is that relationships that start between coworkers do not have higher chances. I believe the odds are kind-of the same as making a relation from Tinder or from a pick-up bar work, but with a small difference: THE COMPLICATIONS.

There is an old saying “Don’t shit where you eat” and it cannot have a better appliance than in the matter of dating at work. Below you can find my 5 reasons why this is such a bad idea:

  • All eyes are on you

There is nothing more juicy than gossip, and what better subject than the new romances from the office? Although you might think none is noticing, I can assure you that they do. The feminine intuition is working at full capacity and chances are, you are not the only one with the eyes on the prize. The loser will be the engine that runs the gossip machine and the others will also join for the entertainment.

  • It’s no longer your relation but your office’s relation

If you went out with him, everyone will assume it is on for the two of you. The jokes about you getting married, or tips about how awesome he is. You will see the smile on their faces as they pass you.

  • If it can go wrong, most likely it will

Murphy was definitely a wise man and the law from above will come to bite you from the behind when you are less expecting. Having to see your crush all the time (work & home) can bring a lot of pressure on the relationship, especially at the beginning, so you might like to keep your happiness (and possibly later your sadness) to yourself. If you are getting into this, you must be 110% sure you are ready to settle down with this person.

  • It will effect your credibility

The fact that you mix work and pleasure will effect the way you are seen in the office. If you are dating someone that is higher that you in rang, you are seen as a gold digger, if that person is below you, then you are taking advantage of your position. If either of you is in a relation, then you are both cheaters and so on. Even if you are on the same level and single, there will be a debate about who is better than who and if you two should be together.

  • If things go wrong, they will go all the way

Chances are that it might not work out you for the two of you, and if that is the case, there will be a lot of drama to follow. First you would see the pity in everyone’s eyes and they will not stop at only looking at you, they will want to comfort you with lots of remarks. You will also get to see him EVERY day and if you are in the same team, you would need to be professional about this (and let’s face it, when PMS takes over it’s had to be professional with guys that you didn’t sack, not to mention the other type). And last but not least, you will get to see his new date and hear about his new adventure from all of your caring colleagues.


Yes, we all heard of the happy end stories with people who met at work and now are living their happily ever after, but don’t forget the other type of stories, the ones you most likely laugh when it happened in your office. So my advice to you would be to stay clear of dating at work, the possible complications are not worth the trouble. But it you don’t want to take my word on it, go find out on your own about the benefits this can bring you!



Top 5 gadgets that I adore

Being an IT girl, naturally, I am passionate about the “inventions” that make my life easier. I have came up with a top 5 gadgets that I love to work with and, of course, the explication about why did I choose one specific product in favor of all the others. My selection is purely subjective to my habits and I was not paid in any way to advertise them. Hope you enjoy it!

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 18.55.09

1. My trusted laptop

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 19.01.17

On the top of the list I will have to add the gadget that allows me to do the things that I love most: to write articles and to test software applications. In order to have them both merged in a single device my option was a MacBook Air. It is slim, has the optimal weight, but it is also powerful enough to allow me to run the software that I need for the freelance work that I do. It allows me to make professional presentations and the keyboard is amazing for writing. Another feature that I am in love with is the battery, I can use it for more than 5 hours without having to plug it in. When I want to work during the night time, the keyboards light allows me to that without having to keep my lights on.  I have always preferred Mac OS in favor of Windows, but if you don’t find yourself attracted to it, there are plenty of other options that offer you the same benefits as the MB Air.

2. My smartphone

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 18.55.39.png

The gadget that I use the most, is my phone. Apart from the old fashion texting and calling, it also has to allow me to access my email and social network applications. Another feature that I use a lot from it, is the camera since most of the pictures that I share are from the daily routine. For all of these I have purchased the iPhone 6S. It is simple and powerful at the same time, not to mention fashionable and with the Rose Gold color, Apple made me fan for life.

3. My tablet


I mainly use the tablet for browsing the internet and for Pinterest. For a while I also used it for reading technical books, but the display was a bit of a problem so I returned to the physical books that I love to collect. For these my option was the iPad 2 that I brought in 2012 and was faithful to me ever since. Apart from the design and the dimensions, the battery is amazing, I can use it for more than 10 hours and for me this was a big plus. Although it is quite old, I sill use it frequently without any problems and if I were to replace it, it would definitely be with one of its nephews. It was the first apple product that I bought and it made me a fan of the brand.

4. My smart watch


The latest addition to my gadget collection is my iWatch series 1. Before I bough it, I had a smart fitness bracelet that I wore almost all the time for 6 moths. I like to be able to know what are my next agenda items without to have my phone stuck to my hand. Also I don’t like it when I am at dinner and the table is filled with phones, so this gadget allowes me to see what is happening on my phone, without having it facing me ALL THE TIME. The iWatch also allows you to answer / dismiss your phone calls, messages and, if you want to know how much you exercised today, you have plenty of applications to show you. I chose Apple (again), because of the perfect integration with my phone, but there are many other options that offer the same functionality, even for a lower price.

5. My Polaroid camera

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 19.00.54.png

For my birthday, my colleagues gave me an instant camera from Fuji film Instax Mini 8 that I fell in love in a second. Having the physical photos and using them for collages was always something that I liked, but with the emerge of the digital era, I had all my photos stored in a drive somewhere on my computer. The fact that you cannot take a million selfies to get the perfect one, is something that makes me like this camera even more, since I just love the perfection of the imperfection. If you are also a fan of the polaroid cameras from the 90′ then you should definitely invest in this type of camera.

Although most of these items make you addicted to them (!!!) and I am strongly advising you to take periodic breaks from them all, I also know that we love them for the value that they bring to our lives. This was my selection of gadgets and I hope you found it useful, especially if you are planning of adding some new devices to your life.


Traveling: Hungarian Adventure – Miskolc

What better way to celebrate ageing another year than going to the spa? And near the city of Miskolc there is no ordinary spa, but the Cave Baths filled with thermal water. If you are planning to go to Hungary in the future, make sure you add an extra day to visit Miskolc, the 4th biggest city, you will be in for a treat.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 23.36.47

Placed in the northwestern side of Hungary,  it is approximately 200 km from Budapest and it is well known for it’s famous Cave Baths that attract tourists from all around the world. Although I wouldn’t schedule a visit to Hungary only for it, I definitely recommend add it to your itinerary if you are in the neighborhood. The national currency is the huff  (1 euro = 0.0032 ).

For accommodation you can choose to rent a room near the caves, the whole era is filled with renting houses and if you choose wisely you will be withing walking distance from both the caves and the restaurants. And speaking of the later, make sure you order the famous Hungarian dish goulash while you are there.  As for the prices, we paid around 110 euros for 2 rooms with shared bathroom for 2 nights. The price for a meal for 2 persons will go around 16 – 20 euro and the portions are usually huge.

The entrance fee for the caves is 5,7 euro for a full day and to it you can add extra options (like sauna, massage etc.). Withing the spa the number of sun beds is limited and it can be a problem if it is a crowded day, but there are hangers to leave your towel all around the place. The water is cooler in the first 2-3 rooms, but rises to about 35 Celsius degrees in the last chambers. In the last room you can also find color therapy.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 23.37.24

We spent around 5 hours in the spa and headed for the city when it was time to eat, you can also choose to eat at the cafeteria, but we decided to add a visit to the city center. There are less than 10 km from the caves to the center where the old buildings are all around the place. The distances are not that big and they can easily be covered by foot. Make sure you also add a visit to Castle of Diósgyőr before you leave Miskolc. It is placed 10 km from the baths and it can tell you a lot about the history of the city. The entrance fee is around 3 euros.

It was the second time I’ve visited Hungary and I will definitely do it again. I am in love with the Hungarian building architecture and traditional dishes. If you are thinking about adding it to your traveling list make sure you squeeze in the famous thermal baths from Miskolc, you will not regret it.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 23.37.35






Your birthday is much more than a number

With my birthday around the corner, I heard so many people asking me if I am nervous for ageing another year. With all sincerity my answer is always: No and here are my reasons for why.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 21.04.02

  • I am very proud of where I am today!

It took me 27 years to get here and I can proudly say that this is indeed my best version. I make it my quest to be even better next year and so on. My competition is me and I intend to win.

  • My age doesn’t define who I am!

I refuse to believe that I fit into a box just because of my age number. Maybe I am your average 27 year old, but for me I am the star of the show. If I receive a label from someone I don’t make it my problem, what people are thinking is their problem.

  • I love my birthday for the best wishes and presents  that I receive from my friends.

Each year I receive a lot of messages from my friends, family and colleagues, even ex-colleagues. Those are the people for whom I made a difference, it’s nice to know I still matter to them. Of course, I also love the presents that I am receiving (who doesn’t !!!).

  • Adulthood is hard enough without adding the “age” related anxiety.

I am an anxious person and I get to worry about a lot of things, I just refuse to let age be another one. Nothing can be taken for granted and I want to make the best of what I get.

Enjoy your anniversary for the nice things it brings to you, choose to see the full part of the glass and remember that the quality beverages are always pored to fill up to half of it.