Types of Jeans You Need to Have

Whether you are a jeans addicted person, or you just have that few pairs of comfy, street style for the crazy days, we all have at least a few types of jeans in our closet. Here is my list of mandatory jeans you have to own.


1. Skinny jeans

Also my favorite kind, the skinny jeans are comfy and go well with about anything, from high heels to sports shoes. The must-have pair needs to fit you perfectly and have the correct length. I prefer the blue color since I think these can be used during summer and winter.


2. Black/white classic

These two pairs go into the capsule wardrobe that you need to have. The classic black jeans will go with almost everything, honestly when I ran out of ideas for what to wear I grab the black jeans and a loose shirt and there I go. The white ones are my favorite during the spring days, I am in love with the light colors that go so well with them.


3. Mom jeans

This pair might not be for all of us, but give it a chance before you say no to it. At first, I didn’t want to hear about them, weren’t really my style, but then I tried them on and fell for them almost instantly. Love the high waist and how these look in a street style. I like to add a sporty cross over bag and my trusted air-max.


4. Ripped jeans

My favorite type of jeans since high school, these are the one type that defines my personality. I love to wear them, I even do it with high heels or stilettos to give them a more refined look. I know for some this trashy look might not sound good, but trust me when I tell you that those will look great in any combination you want to create.


5. Boyfriend jeans

Even the most stylish celebrities have been seen wearing them and another great news, these types go with all figures, it doesn’t matter if you are tall and skinny, have a minion figure or the opposite of this, the boyfriend jeans will look great on you. I usually wear them on vacations or when I am out in the weekends, I feel like they are comfy and have that urban style that I fancy. Might not be your if you are into the vintage burlesque, but once you’ve tried them I think you would rather wear them when going on a plane than an unconformable dress.


As a kid I hated jeans, I don’t know why, but I just hated the fabric, as an adult, I cannot have enough of them. I guess it’s true what they say about mood switches since now I am not able to get out of jeans, they are my favorite item and I am not sorry about it.

Get Ready with Me for a Two Weeks Business Trip

For all of us working girls going on business trips to the client-side, it can be a challenge to pack outfits for an extended period of time. So read along to see what I decided to bring with me on a two weeks trip to Chicago in March.

Get Ready With Me

Before even starting to look in my closet or in shops, I took a peek at the weather in that period. The results weren’t that great, so the Windy City is really owning up to its name, therefore I had to go towards winter clothes that prevent me from freezing in the 10 to 15 minutes that will take me to go from the hotel to the office and back.

Another thing I took into consideration is the limited amount of luggage that I want to bring, caring a huge suitcase through the city’s crowded streets is not fun. With that being said, I had to be able to reconfigure the outfits as much as possible.

Being a shoe addict it was easier for me to start with the bottom, I want to bring only one pair to ankle boots that are both comfy and stylish, and go very well with my wool coat. Both of those will be the foundation for all of my other outfits.

Given the fact that I work in the IT sector, I don’t have a strict dress code, but I do like to be in the smart casual area. Most of the time, I like to keep Friday as a casual day, where I add the regular blue jeans and a loose shirt. Since I will be carrying my laptop bag with me, I will not add another purse, one item less for me to worry about.

So here are my peaks for the 10 days in the office:

  • Two dresses that are comfy and look good, alongside with them would be a pair of very dense stockings


  • A long shirt that can act like a dress and an oversized cashmere cape/sweater combined with black leggings



  • Suite pants with elegant shirts 


  • Casual shirts with classic black jeans


  • Oversized polka dots shirt and a classic black shirt with blue jeans


  • Classic light brown wool coat with a matching scarf


Even though the dress code would allow me to wear the urban/street style I prefer to take the opportunity and dress up a little bit, keeping in mind that I don’t want to stand out too much, that being the reason I like to keep the colors neutral. Another thing that I like to do is to have in mind when I will wear then, this way I will not waste any time in the morning, that this is the reason you see the outfits in pairs, Monday will be for dresses, Tuesday for leggings and so on.

I hope you enjoyed the outfits and will make your life easier when it comes to packing your bags for a client visit. Stay warm everybody!

Say No To Jeans 4 A Week

I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I feel as if I am married to my jeans. Every morning I would just open my closet, pick a pair of jeans, add a sweater and off I go. Even if I am a big fan of the street style, especially during the winter, I still think there is a way around the traditional uniform that I seem to embrace.

bittersweet blog

So, for a full week, I decided to dress with anything but jeans, below are my picks:

1. Leather pants with a cashmere sweater

Outfit for Monday


For the cooler days, I like to choose one of my favorite materials, cashmere. I have a few of those in my closet and, obviously, I wear them with jeans, but the leather black pants are also a very good option.

I usually like to add the biker boots and the cross body leather bag, alongside the classic Tiffany’s necklace and bracelet.



2. Black sweater & a simple skirt with long socks



One of the casual looks that I love is made from the long socks that are visible even with the boots on.

For this outfit, I usually go for a very simple black sweater and a pink bag. I don’t add any other accessories since I think the bag and the socks are enough.




3. Sweater dress

Wednesday Outfit


I am not required to wear a certain dress code at the office but every time I know I have important meetings or I need to keep a speech I like to dress up a little bit. I love the wool sweater and how it looks with the long boots. I had this pair from River Island for over 5 years and I am still in love with them.

For accessories, I usually choose an elegant leather bag and a slim belt.


4. Skirt & t-shirt with a cardigan



A few months ago I stumbled upon the very cute t-shirt that I love to wear this with skirts. During the spring or fall, I don’t add the cardigan and I wear them with ankle boots but during winter I like to choose the high heel boots.

Since I think the main piece is the t-shirt I don’t add other accessories other than a small bag.




5. Leather skirt and a cashmere sweater

Friday Outfit


To finish the week in the same manner I choose a (duh) cashmere sweater with a leather skirt and ankle boots. Since it’s cold in the city during the winter I chose to add very dense thighs.

As for the accessories, I only add one of my favorite bags, a black Guess.




6. Leggings (very dense more like pants) with an oversized, long sweater

Saturday Outfit


For the weekend, I usually love to stick to the street relaxed style, so to replace the jeans I went for a pair of leggings, an oversized royal blue sweater and a pair of leather boots.

Over the sweater I love to add the long silver chain from Tiffany’s and to complete the outfit I add the Burberry’s vintage bag.




7. Sporty dress

Sunday Outfit


What better way to finish the week than with a sporty dress and a pair of Timberlands? Since this year Mikey had his 90th birthday, most of the brands added him to their collection. Happens that Mikey was one of my favorite cartoons so I love the childhood reminder.

The only accessory that I added was the leather backpack with the kitten ears, to complete the sporty and childish outfit.


8. Back-up outfit: Elegant shirt and skirt

Back-up Outfit


I also added a back-up outfit because it sometimes happens for me to hold the technical interviews and this is when I like to be dressed up in a more formal manner. Therefore, I went for a silky shirt and a long elegant skirt and a pair of ankle boots.

For the accessories, I added a golden necklace, a blue bag with a red scarf and a blue watch. I know a bit boring :-p.



I have to admit it is hard for me to give up jeans for a full week since for me they are the definition of comfort. Unfortunately, it happens for them to become like a uniform and at least in my case, end up to be in every outfit that I wear for weeks, especially in the wintertime when it’s cold and snowy outside. It was nice to go around the jeans and yet achieve the same casual look.

Shopping in Chicago

Given the fact that I am living in Europe, there is no greater joy than coming to the other side to do some reckless spending. Even if I wouldn’t trade Cluj for a different place just yet, it’s nice to see what the US has to offer when it comes to a good session of well-deserved shopping.


When I left home, the only “must” from my list was a Kate Spade purse, I’ve been wanting one for a while now and in the tragic recent events of her death, prices have been going up, unfortunately. Having also a budget and not so much time on my hands for shopping I went on a crazy hunt for both gifts and things for my little sole.

One of the best places to shop in Chicago is TJ Maxx, Bloomington or Marshalls, usually, there are 2 together, or at least this is how I saw them in this city. If you have the nerves to go through all of their items you will get some really great deals. In the week that I’ve spent in the city I think I went there almost every day, I could say that I am able to do all of my shopping in this amazing place. Yes I know there are others and I’ve heard of the big outlets near the O’Hare airport, but when you don’t have the time or a car to go there you just have to stick to what it’s offered.


Same as last year, I’ve spent a lot in these shops, but walked proudly out of them with 3 purses, one of them was the colored Kate Spade that my heart desired, the other 2 were just pretty, 2 Fossil watches, his and hers for me and my boyfriend, a blanket as an mermaid tale (you’ll get it once you see the picture), a pair of Sketchers (best shoes in the world, if you don’t have a pair yet, run to Bloomington now!), 3 pairs of sunglasses one from Guess and 2 from Tommy Hilfiger, a Tommy Hilfiger wallet, that I am still debating if I should keep for myself or offer it as a gift as initially intended, and a set of t-shirts from Polo for my boyfriend. Since the limit of the budget was reached and also the maximum allowed for a number of purses I could buy, I had to give up on a Guess and Michel Kors bags that I fancy, but there is always next year. 😀


Having done the heavy shopping in the places I mentioned, there were just a couple of more stores that I love in the city: Sephora, brought the Kat Von D eyeliner(not as great as I’ve hoped), Old Navy, a cute top for a few bucks, Victoria’s Secret, you can all guess what I brought from there and Walgreens for some drugstore makeup.


While in the US I don’t usually go to the stores that are also found in Europe, like Zara, Forever 21, etc, since these have more or less the same prices everywhere. Same for the European designers, Burberry, Michael Kors, Louise Vuitton and so on, most of them will have higher prices in the US compared to what they are offering in their country of origin.

Since Chicago is not a very touristic place, any souvenir that you want to buy will cost you, even a magnet can reach up to 10$, compared to a touristic place where you can get the same item for about 2$. Last year I replaced the magnets with panties from VS for my girlfriends and sweets for the others, this year I preferred bringing them wallets, t-shirts, miniature cars, sunglasses or shot glasses. Keep in mind that Chicago has 10% taxes and in the US the prices are displayed without them, so when you will reach the counter you will pay 10% more, in Europe the prices including the taxes are always displayed.


After 8 days in the US, 14 km walked every day, a suitcase that just wouldn’t close and so tired that I could sleep a week, I was happy that I managed to check everything on my list while still visiting and doing all the activities I’ve planned. I already started the list for the following year, even if I don’t know 100% sure I will be returning to Chicago. If there is one thing that I love about shopping in the US is that you will find about anything if you just do your research in advance. With the new GDPR law in the EU, many of the online stores stopped shipping in Europe and unfortunately there is no sign of them changing their mind.



Shopping in Malaga, Spain

As you guys already know I am passionate about my traveling but just as passionate about my shopping. Some would call it an addiction, but I like to call it a hobby and a way of expressing myself. I thought it would be nice to take you with me, on my journey through the world and what I brought home with me.


Last month I went to southern Spain, to Malaga one of the most beautiful city’s from Costa del Sol, more about my trip you can find here. Apart from having the greatest time I also brought home a few things, since I didn’t have that much time at my disposal, I was only able to get a handful of items. If you were to find yourself in the city please keep in mind that all of the shops and malls are closed on Sunday, the Spanish people are serious about their time off, so prepare to hit the shops during the week and not on Sunday as I did.

In the second day, as we went to the Malagueta beach for our coffee we were surprised by a local fair that was taking place close to the seashore, lots of locals had their goodies displayed for the tourists to buy. What brought my attention were two leather bracelets that were 1 euro each, loved the drownings of one of them and the lock of the other, perfect for a summer outfit.


Also from a lady that was selling things on the street, I brought the most beautiful fans, one is just like the flamenco girls have and the other, a gorgeous blue. Both of them look manually painted and have that Spanish vibe that I love. If you find yourself looking for a souvenir I strongly recommend the traditional fans, these were 5 euros for the both of them. Another thing that I love is the postcards made from photos or from paintings, call me old fashioned, but I just love to browse through the places I’ve been in an album.


Since I wanted to do my shopping on Sunday when all the stores were closed, I was only able to get a few hours to look around and I went to Primark, a very convenient store that I love to visit when I am in Europe. When shopping here pay attention to the material of the items, stay clear of the ones that are 100% polyester especially during the summer. What I brought home with me from here were 2 amazing tops, one with a beautiful pattern and a white one, each of them was under 10 euros.


For the most pretentious ones, the city center is filled with all the big brands and also they have 3 malls nearby. Everything is within walking distance so the only thing you need to bring is comfortable shoes.

I left Malaga a bit disappointed from the shopping perspective since I expected to find a few more traditional items, rather than the ordinary touristic stuff that is brought from China. Maybe for those of you who want to see the big brands, it will be a fantastic shopping destination, for me, it had a minus on this side, but a major plus of the fact that it is not crowded with tourists.

Brands: Quality With A Trademark, Or Just A Fancy Logo?

Being in the Quality Assurance business it’s my job to look for flows, whether that is in the code, the websites or in other industry’s. When it comes to perfection the famous brands seem to be always the answer, but is it like this or is it just perfect marketing?


The commercials will always want to falter you, to play your ego and tell you that buying an exclusive product will make you part of a special group. The most aggressive ones are for cars or luxury watches, but even the common brands want you to feel “special”.  Clearly buying an item will not make you any different than you are, but is there a small piece of the truth behind these campaigns?

If I learned anything over the years is that a big price doesn’t guarantee you the quality, but the small price will definitely give you no quality at all. So this takes us to the big brands that advertise the perfection for their items. I am a declared fan of a few of them since it proved that their items pass the time test. One of those brands is Tiffany’s, I truly believe that when it comes to jewelry they are one of the best, clearly at a huge price.


For electronics I love Apple, I know that some people find them expensive and less efficient, but for me, these proved to be sustainable. Since I don’t change my phone, laptop or tablet based on the latest release, but on the fact that the old one broke, I found that you use them for a very long time. To give an example, I had the iPad 2 since 2012 and it’s still working, also my MacBook Air is from 2014 and it’s still doing its job very well.


Another big brand that I am a fan of is the UGG and their famous classic boots, I know the story behind it is now a pretty one and even though they sell their boots as Australian ones, they are made in China, the product does come with a special quality: comfort! So during the winter, I love the casual look the UGG’s are giving me. Yet I fantasize about buying the real deal from an Australian shop.


There are other brands that I fancy like Burberry and their pattern, Jimmy Choo and the golden sandals, Christian Louboutin and the So Kate black stiletto and the list could go on for days. Yet I don’t rush into those stores and buy their products because I am not 100% sure they are worth the price. When you are paying for things with the precious years of your youth, it becomes clear that sometimes you need to think twice before handing over the credit card.

One question still haunts me, are all the famous brands worth their money? Or are we brainwashed into spending it all to have the trademark on us? They say an item will cost as much as someone is willing to pay for it. That story might be very true when it comes to diamonds, but I don’t own any, so I don’t want to have an opinion of this. Yet I do love a lot of things that come with a fancy label and I keep on wondering if I am looking for perfection in the wrong places.

All the big designers or brands started small so I think it’s best to look for the perfection of the items ignoring the label and focus on the quality of the materials and if these can pass the test of time. You might be surprised by the variety of items you can find at a common-sense price. As for when you want to have that special piece that costs a fortune, do your homework and see where you can purchase it to be original, yet at a decent price.

For me what worked was finding a couple of boutiques and online shops that gave the material quality that I wanted for a decent price. One of these is the Mango Outlet and Sports Direct online stores.  Also when I travel abroad I always visit Primark, if you look closely at the composition of the clothes you will be able to find some pretty decent deals. Whenever I visit Italy, I look for leather stores since these are very popular in the peninsula.

For the Romanian market, there is Fashion Days online store that has some great deals for smaller designer clothes, especially during the sales period. This is the place I bought a pair of Bailey Buttons UGGs for just 110$ and a Ted Baker purse for 170$.


Lastly, I found from my best friend Silvia, from MyStyle5, a couple of really nice online outlets and some very useful tips on how to create a designer’s wardrobe without going bankrupt.

There are many ways you can find that statement piece that would make you stand out, yet it is not the logo of a brand that will do that for you, but the design of the item, the quality and, most important, your attitude. A Rolex on a pig, will not change the pig into a gentleman, yet a Fossil on a gentleman will make some panties drop. So shop wisely and don’t get caught in the marketing trap.

Tiffany’s: A 90’s Obsession

Who hasn’t heard of the famous Return to Tiffany collection? Even the kids nowadays know about the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie and the notorious store. For those of us who were born in the ’90s, having jewelry from the brand was a dream, especially for the non-American ones. Even if it would come at an enormous cost, we still wanted to be Elle Woods for a day.


As time passed by, the new trends came and somehow we manage to forget about the old jewelry. Now it’s all about Pandora and their expensive items, if you ask 10 random girls to show you their writs, chances are 8 of them have the charm bracelet.

Since I am a 90’s b*tch, my obsession never really changed and when I finally got my hands on the Return to Tiffany necklace, I felt as if I have conquered the world. The fragile piece is so beautiful that I couldn’t take it off, until now.

No, I am not betraying the brand, I just got my hands on some new items from them. It all started when I found a new app that allows you to post items for sale in a very user-friendly manner, I will not name the app since I know for sure you all have your “trusted” one. So as I was just testing the newly discovered ground, I thought why not search for Tiffany and so I found the pieces I have been dying to buy ever since I was a teenager. But before I wound ‘seal’ the deal, I made a little investigation about the fake market, one that I totally despise, I prefer buying something pre-owned, then fake. I know it’s tough to find out, but you have to do your research.

And so I found a lot of very useful articles that tell you all about how to spot a fake. I will name here only a few that I also got to see on the market: the letter arrangement and the way it’s imprinted, the space between the words, the chain links, the material and of course the seller. The one thing that I thought I could trust is the price, I never buy the cheapest item, but since the Romanian market is not the best place to sell this type of jewelry, I was impressed by the deals I could get.

I know for some of you this article will make your eyes roll, but we all had that childhood obsession that made us behave like kids, even when we are clearly not in that spot anymore. Therefore, I am more than happy with the gift I got myself for my 28th birthday, I have to say that 4 original Return to Tiffany pre-owned items cost me as much as a single new one, so if you are still searching for your teenage crush, make sure you do your search and research.