Traveling: Unlocking Düsseldorf

The capital of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Düsseldorf is a small and coquette town that you could easily fall in love with. 

Although it was only part of my trip to The Netherlands, I decided to spend a day here to enjoy the German vibe. Once again for the accommodation I used Airbnb and had a shared apartment with a race pilot, who was really nice and gave us hints on where to eat in the Solingen region. If you are in the neighborhood, make sure you stop at Alex, a beautiful restaurant with both traditional and international food, beware of the portions, they are huge.

The public transport is really organized, so all you need is to get to a bus or metro station if you ever get lost. We mainly traveled by the S-ban and a small bus and the nice part is that they have a fixed schedule, so you know when you have to be at the station.

Our first stop was the Classic Remise Düsseldorf, the heaven of ancient cars. It is a combination of a showroom and a museum, from where you can actually purchase the cars. I fell in love with an old Mustang but had to kiss my love goodbye since I was not ready for a 40 000 euros commitment.

From the Central station, we walked all the way to the Rheinuferpromenade where you can see the old Gothic church and also the white tower. We stopped to have a fresh brew beer on the sideway and to enjoy the beauty of the Rhine river. Make sure you go to the Rheinturm to see Düsseldorf from above. In the tower, you will also find a cafeteria, where you can enjoy a coffee with the best view in town.

On our way to the Central station, we stopped for a bite at the local marketplace where we had the traditional Bratwurst, a pork sausage in bread with mustard. It is one of the must-try foods when you are traveling to Germany. And we also had a tour of the Konigsallee park, that is also on the way to the station.

Although our trip was short, it wasn’t without incidents, we almost lost our plane due to the delays of the buses towards Weeze airport. If you are having your plane from there, make sure you have a way to get to it, the buses are every 2 hours and have a half an hour delay almost every day. We were lucky enough to catch a cab driver that was crazy enough to speed all the way to the airport, in order for us to get to the plane in time.

Apart from the incident with the airport bus, we had a great time here and would definitely return, not only for visiting but also for shopping.


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