Traveling: Unlocking Chicago, Part II

New year, new me, and of course a new visit to the Windy City, Chicago that is growing on me, I am even starting to know my way around it, which says a lot about this place. If you are curious about my first visit to the city, you can find it here.


To give you a bit of inside, I am working for one of the companies that have the headquarter in downtown Chicago, so once a year me and my team we do a visit to their office for about a week. If last year we went in October, not a very good time to visit this place, by the way, this time we went in July and it was AMAZING, great weather, great atmosphere, and some pretty cool events. So here is a list of things to do in this great place.


If you are lucky to find a sunny day, make sure you look it for a visit to the beach, you can either take a bus there or you can walk there. The view of the city is amazing, the water is blue and the ice-cream is present everywhere, so do take advantage of it.


While you are in the neighborhood, you can reserve a day for Lincoln Park, there you will also find the zoo. The entree is free, the animals look cared about and it’s a place you can lose yourself for a few hours. Not my favorite kind of place, since it’s a zoo, but I cannot complain about what I’ve seen here.

If we are talking about doing touristic activities, then the architecture tour is a must. You can find so many boats along the river from where you can purchase the tickets, I don’t exactly remember the amount I’ve spent on them but it was around 35$, and the tour took us into town and on Lake Michigan. The best time to go is at dawn to get a peep of this amazing city when all the light is getting lit.


One of the not so known facts about Chicago is that near the Millennial park the original beginning of Historical Route 66, maybe this a fact only for the automotive fans but I think it was worth mentioning. Also, another place to visit in this part of the town is Bundy’s fountain, even though I know it has a different name to me it will always be at the beginning of the Married with children series promo.


Depending on when you are visiting Chicago you can also take part in Taste of Chicago, the biggest food event in the area. With 10$ you can buy 14 tokens that will grant you a full meal or 2 “bites”, basically half a portion. I cannot say that I was impressed by the food but the overall feeling and the diversity of the food are impressive, maybe you will have better luck than I did in finding the good stuff. Since we are on the food topic, I strongly recommend a visit to the Cheesecake Factory, because cheesecake, if that didn’t convince you with that magic word, then maybe the following picture will make sure you bring your appetite with you the slices are HUGE, it is a good idea to share it with someone.


While in this amazing city don’t miss out on the opportunity to go to a pub where they play live music, especially the Chicago blues style. It will complete the amazing experience that you can have in this place. Even if it was the second time that I got to visit and my time was pretty limited by the fact that I also had to get to work, I am already dreaming of my next trip and I am starting to gather my list of things to do here for part 3. IMG_5002.JPG

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