Traveling: Unlocking London

Purchased the tickets at a bargain price of 50 euros for two round trips a while ago and almost gave them up because of the amount of work and stress that gathered in the last period, but I am really happy that I ended up going. London is the place to be at Christmas time!


What convinced me to go, was an article that I read about the London Christmas decorations and what is considered the most beautiful city during this time of the year. The article couldn’t have been more accurate!

Thousands of lights are spread around the city and Oxford Street has the most beautiful ornaments that I have ever seen. My personal favorites, the angels, light up as soon as the sun goes down. Also for the decoration, the entertainment and, of course, the market you should definitely go check the Apple Market. Most of the pubs in town are decorating the exterior and adding a Christmas tree. In this area, you will find lost of coffee shops and pubs.


Apart from the decoration, London brings an enormous amount of history, the best place to learn more about it, is by going to The Tower. The administration fee is around 28 pounds, but trust me it is worth it. For me, the most interesting part was seeing the Crown Jowls, but I also loved the huge ravens that are wandering free within the fortress walls.


Near The Tower, the famous Tower bridge is placed, make sure you take a walk through years of history and cross the Thames river. Another bridge that you should definitely check is the London Bridge. From there you will get to see the Big Ben up close, unfortunately, it is in renovations so you wouldn’t be able to take that perfect shot, but the view is still great.


Near the London Bridge, the London Eye waits for the tourists. The lines were pretty long and the temperature very low, so we ended up skipping this attraction this year, but it is on the to-do list for the next time. If you want to save some time and also money, you should purchase the tickets online, there is usually a line to get the tickets as well.

Although Buckingham Palace didn’t impress me much, what I did love was the Green Park next to it. Over there I got to pet a squirrel (like really pet it), and feed the doves from my hand. The atmosphere from the park is a relaxed one and you get to see how the Londoners spend their time.


I didn’t get to see the guard change at the palace, but I did manage to see the end of the shift for the London Horse Guards and it is a show that you should not miss. It started at 4pm and it lasted around 15 minutes. Also if you get there before 4, you get to pet the horses and take pictures with them.


If you feel hungry, all you have to do is enter one of the traditional London pubs, over here make sure you try the traditional fish and chips and the freshly brewed beer. While we are in the department of food, English people are famous for the breakfast they like to have, so don’t miss the most important meal of the day (as a note here, the food is anything but light, so make sure you are really hungry).


If you want to grab a coffee, you can try Costa, the equivalent of Starbucks but from the UK. You will find them all over the London streets and they are hard to miss, so don’t start the day without your dose of caffeine.

Another must-have the experience to have while in this amazing city is riding the double-decker bus. We caught the upper first seats a couple of times and the view was amazing. If you want to see the lights, you should take the bus through the shop street, Oxfords. While you are there make sure you visit Primark and the Harry Potter collection they have right now. 🙂

In the 2 and a half days there wasn’t much that I got to visit, but for sure London made me want to return. Personally, I love more the old city, but there are a lot of new buildings that are spread around the center if you are a modernist architecture lover. To me, this was the one thing that I didn’t like, the mixture of old and new. London has a lot of history and should keep it, rather than this little flow, I loved the time I got to spend here and already planning to return.



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