Traveling: What to pack for a 14 days trip to Thailand

If you think you need to pack 2 huge suitcases for a trip to Thailand, I can prove you wrong. Let me show you exactly what I packed for this vacation and how I managed to only bring a single carry on item.


I had 2 internal flight, one from Cluj-Napoca to Bucharest and one from Krabi to Bangkok, it was important to stick to the allowed carry on items. Also, with 3 stops between Bucharest and Krabi, what were the odds of not losing any luggage? And so I decided I have to fit all of my items in the small case. The cost of washing your clothes is really cheap in Thailand and most hotels are offering this service. Another thing that is really cheap there is the price of clothes so you will spend more money on paying for the suitcase than buying new stuff!

Since Thailand is always very hot, you don’t need to worry about taking any warm clothes, quite the opposite focus on brings hot weather clothing and careful with the fabrics. You don’t what to suffocate while wearing a spandex blouse! So go for 100% cotton t-shirts and pants and bring on the swimwear!

Before we get to the sand and sea there is still a long flight to go. If you are leaving like I did during wintertime, you will need warm clothes, also almost always in the airports the temperature is around 18-20 degrees Celsius, so don’t underestimate the cold and dress accordingly.



I went for a light jacket that gets put in a small bag and it’s really easy to store. My trusted boots since I spent quite some time on the plane and airports. Comfy jeans and a light sweater.



Most of the time you will be in swimwear, either you will be on the beach, sea or in the famous trips so bring at least 2 swimsuits. The humidity is really high so it will take some time to have them dried, even so, you will need the AC on to get that over the night. Another thing that you ABSOLUTELY need is a dressing gown to cover your shoulders, the sun is really powerful and even with sunscreen, you can get burned.



My decision was to bring 3 swimsuits, a pareo, a dressing gown, my trusted flip-flops and a small bag which fitted my wallet and phone.




I only bought 2 dresses with me and a nightgown. I don’t advise you to bring skirts or dresses since you will be climbing on boats a lot and these can be in your way. As for pajamas, you can forget about them, it is way too hot for them so you can choose to either sleep naked, in your panties or with a long t-shirt, mine was in between a long t-shirt and a gown.  For footwear, I went for a pair of leather sandals that I know are comfy. Don’t forget your hat, sunscreen(SPF 50+), thermal water for refreshing and hydrating your skin, a body mist and a book!

In my suitcase, I also packed: 6 t-shirts 100% cotton, 3 pairs of long, light fabric pants, 2 pairs of shorts, denim and a cotton one and a small top to wear instead of a bra. To this, I added sunglasses, 15 pairs of panties, 1 bra and 4 pairs of socks.

In the end, we had 2 pieces of baggage, the blue one for me and the green one for my boyfriend and we were ready to fly. As a remark I would suggest to also pack a backpack instead of a troller for so many reasons: easy to carry, lighter, more space for your clothes and the most important: if you need to cross the forest to get to your accommodation if will be a lot easier if you will have your hands empty. 😀


As I passed 5 airports I saw a lot of people struggling with suitcases that could fit 2 adults along with huge purses and bags. A few years ago, I was just like them, carrying my whole house with me, in case I needed something. Today I like to travel as light as possible, in case I need something there will be a store from where to buy them, I can assure you. Last year I was happy that I could only bring my blue suitcase on a trip for 8 days, this year I made it with the same amount of clothes for 14 days. If there was an item that I regret not bringing it was my Kindle, since I spent a lot of time on planes and airports, but even so I bought a lot of magazines and had time to dream.



Getting Ready for Traveling

Whether you are going home for Christmas or you are traveling somewhere fancy, there is still a lot of fuss about packing and having everything you need while you are away from your trusted closet. Here is a list of things I like to do before my travelings to help ease up on the preparation.

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First rule: Plan, plan, plan

Before I drag the suitcases in the middle of the room, I usually do a little planning. I start with a mental check of the place that I am going, the amount of bags I am allowed to bring, this is especially for when I travel by plane, where am I staying and of course, what am I planning to do while away. If I am on a city break, I will have to prepare for many kilometers of walking, if I go to the beach, then I will need something to read, so I must know what I should be focusing on.

I usually check the weather report just to get an idea of what I should pack, but even so, I like to prepare for both the best and the worst-case scenario. Also, at this point is best to check if there are things you know you want to do and buy the tickets online. It saves you a lot of time and, sometimes, even money. While I am at this point, I also like to print a map or download the mobile version, where I pinpoint the places I want to go to.

If you are fond of lists, this is the time you should get your pen and paper to put everything down. I like the checklist idea since I do not want to miss anything. Usually, I start with the mornings and what will I need in the morning and get all the way to the end of the day. This is for the list of basic necessitates like toothpaste and toothbrush, make-up, underwear, socks, pajamas, make-up removal, etc.

Second rule: Getting ready takes time, so give it to yourself.

Don’t rush when it comes to packing, it will result in a lot of frustration and it’s possible that you will forget important things. I like to start the packing at least a few hours before I have to leave, this way I don’t have to panic that I will not make it on time. I start by getting the necessities in based on the check-list and after that, I think about the outfits that I want to take. I usually pack versatile items, that allow me to mix and match so I can have a new combination each day.

After I am done with the selection, I take a break and do something to drift away from this all. After a period of time I come back to the suitcase and reevaluate the choices I made and if possible take pull stuff out. Right before I zip things up, I look once again over the check-list and then I declare the packing done.

If the time allows me, I love to take a relaxing bath or shower before I go. Also if it is during the morning I love to pass by my favorite coffee shop to enjoy a cup before hitting the road.

Last rule: Traveling should be fun not stressful!

If you go by plane, make sure you get to the airport in time, you don’t want to be running like crazy, begging people to let you skip the line in order to catch your flight. If you go by car, you don’t want to hit rush hour and stay in traffic for hours. If you go by bus, you should be there in time to get the good seats. I haven’t traveled for long distances by train for a while, but I guess the same rules apply, so be there on time.

Another thing that I do when traveling is wearing extremely comfy clothes and shoes. I prefer comfort over beauty when it comes to this. As for when I have very long flights, I never leave without my airplane pillow. I am having trouble slipping and this little accessory works wonders for me, so make sure you try it.

Last but not least, books and magazines. Traveling is my number one excuse to buy magazines! Nowadays we have replaced old-fashioned magazines with online ones, but the feeling and the smell of the real thing cannot be replaced. So every excuse I find for buying the printed version, I take. I know it is not good for the environment, this being the reason I no longer subscribe to them, but every once in a while I love buying glossy magazines. What better companion for the road or the sky?


We all have our own habits when it comes to packing and traveling. A while ago, for me, this was a severe case of stress and anxiety. Nowadays I take it as a normal task that I have to complete and I do my best to make it fun since it is all added to the experience of traveling. Happy packing everyone, I hope you find my routine useful!