Last Month’s Favorites: June 2019

June, the first month of summer has not come to an end, finally, we got to enjoy the sun and welcome the heatwave. It seems that nowadays it’s impossible to get that perfect temperature that we used to have, but let’s dig into what happened in the 6th month of the year.

Books, books, books!

Finally managed to finish the After series, or at least the first 4 books, there is the 5th one with them before the action from the books, but I am putting that aside for the time being since I want to still have a couple of neurons left. A full review of the “world phenomenon” can be found here, but just so you know I wasn’t that impressed about it.

Since I wanted to do some brain exercises after the book mentioned above, I started Dr. Brown’s book: The power of vulnerability. I have to say that I love her writing style, if you don’t know her work, go ahead and search her TEDx talks, she has plenty on the subject. To me, showing vulnerability was always a sign of weakness, but as I went into the position of project management I learned that I need to connect with the people and show empathy, which leads to vulnerability. Also, I’ve learned about many mistakes that I keep on making. So I strongly recommend this lecture, also if you plan on going for the audiobook, here is a surprise it’s narrated by the author herself, so enjoy!

From one extreme to another, the next book that I had on my list was To all the boys I’ve loved before by Jenny Han, another teen romance story that I have to admit I loved. I will write a full review on the series (yes there are more books, 3 to be precise) in the upcoming period so stay tuned. Until then I can only say that it will make a great book to take to the beach. 😉

As for the upcoming period, I already brought a couple of new entries in my library for the upcoming months. The list contains: The Little Teashop Of Lost & Found by Trisha Ashley, My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella, You Me Everything by Catherine Isaac and P.S. I Like You by Kasie West. Looking forward to my next read.

Shopping time!

This time I tried only to get items that I really need and from quality fabrics, so in my closet, we now have a new dress in yellow and orange from Zara that I absolutely adore, yet I didn’t yet have the chance to wear, a new leather wallet in baby blue that I brought for an Italian brand, Zevo, that I am not yet convinced of and to match the wallet I also got a letter bag that I used for work.

Health and exercise!

Since June I started to go to Yoga classes and I have to admit I just love them. In the past, I’ve only gone to Yoga that was taught at the gym, and I am telling you it has nothing to do with the real deal. As a bonus to all the posture we are also doing meditation, either guided or using colors. At first, I was a bit skeptic about it, but after 3 classes I am now a huge fan. Planning on going in the upcoming year since it has the power to take the stress away.

Also on the topic of health and exercising, I decided to give it a try with XBody EMS training. This stands for Electro Muscular Stimulation and the sessions take around 20 minutes. I’ve only done 2 sessions until now so the results are yet to be seen, but if you are like me and you are afraid for the pain, rest assured it’s not present. The trainer also gave me a diet plan, that I am trying as much as possible in order for the best results. I am planning on going in the next 3 months and I will keep you posted on the results.

Fun stuff!

In Cluj, the festival season has begun, and it started off with Jazz in the Park. As the name already states it’s a jazz festival that is held in the city’s central park. The ticket is optional, and the money raised is donated to social causes. If you are wondering, yes, people are buying the tickets even if it’s not mandatory. Starting from the first days, the park gets filled with music and happy people, along with hammocks and food trucks. It just marks the beginning of summer and music festivals, Electric Castle is next and I cannot wait for it to begin.

Last Month’s Favorites: March

March, one of my favorite months of the year, partially because of my birthday, but mostly because is the first month of Spring, my favorite season. The sunny mornings when the sky is so blue that it hurts to look at it, make me want to be active and do stuff all the time. The terraces are once again open and ready for customers. Another good reason to love spring is that is time to say goodbye to the winter clothes and say hello to the light and stylish ones. So here is the list of favorites from March! 😉


Even if I had so many items on the list to shop for in the US, due to the severe cold, I wasn’t in a shape where I could wander around the shops, yet there are some things that caught my attention. First ones would be the drugstore make-up that I brought: Maybelline concealer and foundation, I’ve been a fan of the light texture and the way it’s distributed on the face, another plus one goes for the sponge, you don’t have to carry an extra one when traveling since it’s built-in. Also from Target, I brought one of the mascaras that I have been using for years now: the L’ORÉAL PARIS duo mascara, if in this case, the opinions differ from one person to another, for me its the perfect fit.


Not really a big fan of the Michael Kors anything, but I have to say that while I was in the store found in the Fashion Outlet Mall, I found a pink one that stole my heart and, since I was at a bargain price of only 81$, I swiped the card and took it home with me. Possibly the only item that I needed was a wallet, I have looked for a perfect, black one in most of the stores and I ended up buying one also from Michael Kors for 50$. After these 2 purchases from him, I might not be allowed to say that I don’t really like the designer.


Since denim is going to be everywhere this season, I thought its time to buy a denim jacket once more. I used to love them’ when I was in high school and putting it on takes me back to late 2000. Therefore I got one that fits me perfectly from TJMax and I am dying for the weather to be on my side so that I can wear it.


I don’t know if you already noticed or not, but I am a bit of a “bagaholic” and therefore I couldn’t walk away from a pretty Furla when I saw it on sale on a local website. Therefore the second pink bag arrived in my closet a few days after I got home from the US. Now I am really looking forward to the summer for me to wear them with dresses.


No month without books, so I have to brag about the new additions to my library: Michelle Obama My Story and the first 2 books from After series were written by Anna Todd. Since my books to read queue got a little too big, I will have to pause the addition of any new books for at least a few months.


With so many things happening I felt like March passed in a second, while in Romania the weather did show signs of Spring, in Chicago, Malmo and Copenhagen it didn’t, but even so, I am very grateful for what my birth-month brought and I can only wait for sun to shine and for me to enjoy this month’s favorites. What did you love about March?



Last Month’s Favorites: January 2019

The most depressing month of the year just passed and even if the weather was not on my favorites list, there are a couple of items that were, therefore I am more than happy to share them with you.


The first on my list would be a new Netflix show that I’m kind of obsessed with, named You. Based on the book of Caroline Kepnes, it features Penn Badgley as the stalker, Joe. In the digital era, I think the show’s main subject is something that many of us encountered. Let’s be honest who hasn’t done a bit of stalking on social media? But in this case we can all see the danger of posting all of your life’s updates online and what can someone do with that information. Apart from the very smart topic, I love the psychological side of the series, definitely a show to watch if you don’t do it already. The book is also on my to-read list, so expect a book review soon.


January being a month where the moral is a bit low, I invested in 3 books to better my mood, I am talking about Meik Wiking‘s books Hygge (review can be found here) and Lykke, to those I added also Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life. What better way to spend the first month of the year than with a cup of hot chocolate and a great book. I make it my goal to read at least 2 books per month.


In the shopping department, I have to praise my new pair of ankle boots from Vero Moda that I had my eyes on since December. The burgundy red color and the soft velvet made me fall for them in seconds, I didn’t have the chance to wear them yet, but I am planning to do it in the next days. Since it was hard to order only the boots, I added also a shopper black bag from Ted Baker. Love the classic style and the fact that I can wear it with about anything and in any season, also it’s size is perfect, not too big to be uncomfortable to wear, but spacious enough to allow me to carry half of my house it in.


Last but not least, a new pair of long boots that weren’t really on the list, but since these were on sale and at a great price, I said one can never have enough shoes, so I swiped the card for the dusty pink leather boots. At first, I was a bit worried that it might be hard to wear them, now I see that it’s actually pretty easy to find an outfit to accommodate them.


Getting through January was a bit of a challenge after the excesses from December. I am happy that it is over and that spring is one month closer. I hope the rest of the year will bring just as many favorites as the first month.