Top 5 Gadgets That I Adore

Being an IT girl, naturally, I am passionate about the “inventions” that make my life easier. I have come up with a top 5 gadgets that I love to work with and, of course, the explication about why did I choose one specific product in favor of all the others. My selection is purely subjective to my habits and I was not paid in any way to advertise them. Hope you enjoy it!

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 18.55.09

1. My trusted laptop


On top of my list, I will have to add the gadget that allows me to do the things that I love most: to write articles and to test software applications. In order to have them both merged in a single device, my option was a MacBook Air. It is slim, has the optimal weight, but it is also powerful enough to allow me to run the software that I need for freelance work. It allows me to make professional presentations and the keyboard is amazing for writing. Another feature that I am in love with is the battery, I can use it for more than 5 hours without having to plug it in. When I want to work during the night time, the keyboard’s light allows me to that without having to keep my lights on.  I have always preferred Mac OS in favor of Windows, but if you don’t find yourself attracted to it, there are plenty of other options that offer you the same benefits as the MB Air.

2. My smartphone

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 18.55.39.png

The gadget that I use the most, is my phone. Apart from the old fashion texting and calling, it also has to allow me to access my email and social network applications. Another feature that I use a lot from it, is the camera since most of the pictures that I share are from the daily routine. For all of these, I have purchased the iPhone 6S. It is simple and powerful at the same time, not to mention fashionable and with the Rose Gold color, Apple made me a fan for life.

3. My tablet


I mainly use the tablet for browsing the internet and for Pinterest. For a while, I also used it for reading technical books, but the display was a bit of a problem so I returned to the physical books that I love to collect. For these, my option was the iPad 2 that I brought in 2012 and was faithful to me ever since. Apart from the design and the dimensions, the battery is amazing, I can use it for more than 10 hours and for me this was a big plus. Although it is quite old, I still use it frequently without any problems and if I were to replace it, it would definitely be with one of its nephews. It was the first Apple product that I bought and it made me a fan of the brand.

4. My smartwatch


The latest addition to my gadget collection is my iWatch series 1. Before I bought it, I had a smart fitness bracelet that I wore almost all the time for 6 months. I like to be able to know what are my next agenda items without to have my phone stuck in my hand. Also, I don’t like it when I am at dinner and the table is filled with phones, so this gadget allows me to see what is happening on my phone, without having it facing me ALL THE TIME. The iWatch also allows you to answer/dismiss your phone calls, messages and, if you want to know how much you exercised today, you have plenty of applications to show you. I chose Apple (again), because of the perfect integration with my phone, but there are many other options that offer the same functionality, even at a lower price.

5. My Polaroid camera

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 19.00.54.png

For my birthday, my colleagues gave me an instant camera from Fuji film Instax Mini 8 that I fell in love within a second. Having the physical photos and using them for albums was always something that I liked, but with the emerging of the digital era, I had all my photos stored on a drive somewhere on my computer. The fact that you cannot take a million selfies to get the perfect one, is something that makes me like this camera even more since I just love the perfection of the imperfection. If you are also a fan of the Polaroid cameras from the 90′ then you should definitely invest in this type of camera.

Although most of these items make you addicted to them (!!!) and I am strongly advising you to take periodic breaks from them all, I also know that we love them for the value that they bring to our lives. This was my selection of gadgets and I hope you found it useful, especially if you are planning on adding some new devices to your life.