Last Month’s Favorites: June 2019

June, the first month of summer has not come to an end, finally, we got to enjoy the sun and welcome the heatwave. It seems that nowadays it’s impossible to get that perfect temperature that we used to have, but let’s dig into what happened in the 6th month of the year.

Books, books, books!

Finally managed to finish the After series, or at least the first 4 books, there is the 5th one with them before the action from the books, but I am putting that aside for the time being since I want to still have a couple of neurons left. A full review of the “world phenomenon” can be found here, but just so you know I wasn’t that impressed about it.

Since I wanted to do some brain exercises after the book mentioned above, I started Dr. Brown’s book: The power of vulnerability. I have to say that I love her writing style, if you don’t know her work, go ahead and search her TEDx talks, she has plenty on the subject. To me, showing vulnerability was always a sign of weakness, but as I went into the position of project management I learned that I need to connect with the people and show empathy, which leads to vulnerability. Also, I’ve learned about many mistakes that I keep on making. So I strongly recommend this lecture, also if you plan on going for the audiobook, here is a surprise it’s narrated by the author herself, so enjoy!

From one extreme to another, the next book that I had on my list was To all the boys I’ve loved before by Jenny Han, another teen romance story that I have to admit I loved. I will write a full review on the series (yes there are more books, 3 to be precise) in the upcoming period so stay tuned. Until then I can only say that it will make a great book to take to the beach. 😉

As for the upcoming period, I already brought a couple of new entries in my library for the upcoming months. The list contains: The Little Teashop Of Lost & Found by Trisha Ashley, My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella, You Me Everything by Catherine Isaac and P.S. I Like You by Kasie West. Looking forward to my next read.

Shopping time!

This time I tried only to get items that I really need and from quality fabrics, so in my closet, we now have a new dress in yellow and orange from Zara that I absolutely adore, yet I didn’t yet have the chance to wear, a new leather wallet in baby blue that I brought for an Italian brand, Zevo, that I am not yet convinced of and to match the wallet I also got a letter bag that I used for work.

Health and exercise!

Since June I started to go to Yoga classes and I have to admit I just love them. In the past, I’ve only gone to Yoga that was taught at the gym, and I am telling you it has nothing to do with the real deal. As a bonus to all the posture we are also doing meditation, either guided or using colors. At first, I was a bit skeptic about it, but after 3 classes I am now a huge fan. Planning on going in the upcoming year since it has the power to take the stress away.

Also on the topic of health and exercising, I decided to give it a try with XBody EMS training. This stands for Electro Muscular Stimulation and the sessions take around 20 minutes. I’ve only done 2 sessions until now so the results are yet to be seen, but if you are like me and you are afraid for the pain, rest assured it’s not present. The trainer also gave me a diet plan, that I am trying as much as possible in order for the best results. I am planning on going in the next 3 months and I will keep you posted on the results.

Fun stuff!

In Cluj, the festival season has begun, and it started off with Jazz in the Park. As the name already states it’s a jazz festival that is held in the city’s central park. The ticket is optional, and the money raised is donated to social causes. If you are wondering, yes, people are buying the tickets even if it’s not mandatory. Starting from the first days, the park gets filled with music and happy people, along with hammocks and food trucks. It just marks the beginning of summer and music festivals, Electric Castle is next and I cannot wait for it to begin.

Last Month’s Favorites: April

April came and went with the speed of a hurricane, lots of things to be done, lots of places to see, Easter and family gatherings, ink and rain, fun and Game of Thrones. As always spring brought a new vibe of energy, so let’s see what went on my list of favorites.


Probably one of the most expected series of all times, Game of Thrones, finally started with the last season, so you can imagine the hard time trying not to see any spoilers, especially since it will air during Romania nighttime, so I would only get to see it the next day, when Facebook already has all the articles with what happened. Luckily until now, the spoilers didn’t ruin my fun, looking forward to the last episodes, yes I am very behind, but I will go through the last ones.

About the trip to Puglia area, Italy, I will dedicate an entire post, but since there was something that caught my eyes while I was there, I have to brag about the Carpisa backpack that I got. Even if I wanted to resist buying another bag, I just couldn’t do it, so here I am now owning this red and cute item. And while I am on the topic of bags, I also got one as a birthday gift, so I cannot help but add it too. Even for a little while, I am trying to stay away from shopping in the bags department and, hopefully, get more accustomed to the idea of minimalism.


Speaking of birthday gifts, the best ones are those given by yourself, so for my 29th birthday, I have put a tattoo on my right wrist, overcoming one of my biggest fears. More about the meaning and reasons you can find here. Possibly one in the series of more, I am more than happy and proud of the 3 swallows that are inked on my head.



In the books department, I will add one that I have owned for a few years, and that I love to re-read every time I feel like things are going my way. Why Your Life Sucks: And What You Can Do About It by Alan H. Cohen starts from the same idea as The Secret, but offers a perspective given through the real-life story’s. At least for me, it works wonders on my morals and decreases the level of stress that I get from my 9 to 6 job. Easy to read, the book is divided into 10 chapters and in each of them, the author will talk about ways you screw your life and how you can work to improve. This might be the 3rd time I am reading it, and even now I am seeing other meaning and I am learning from it, so if you are looking for a personal development book to get you of the blues, this is my recommendation for you.


With spring anding the new energy, I started to document more about the minimalist idea, about how we can break the rat race and stop wasting our resources on things that don’t truly matter. While I am still at the begging I will link the Netflix documentary that I recommend here. Also if you are looking for ideas about outfits made from capsule items for spring, this Pinterest board might help. I am not saying that I will give up shopping or start throwing away all my items, but I do want to move towards a more responsible buying manner since I know I do have a shopping addiction.

Spring is officially here, and even if in Cluj it was up to a rainy start, I am looking forward to the new adventure that has yet to bring. How was your April?



Surviving Guide For Dating on Tinder

Using matching apps for dating is now a normal thing and if you didn’t hear about the new Tinder mania then you are definitely living in the wrong era. Here are a few things you have to expect.

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 18.44.21

So you made the big step and installed it on your phone, probably you looked at it for a while before opening it and creating a profile. Wisely chosen a few photos of yourself and wrote a really “deep” short bio. You are now ready for scooping around!

I knew about Tinder for a few years before actually using it, since I was suspicious about online dating. I was a lousy picker of man even when I could see them face to face, so I was definitely not ready to judge men only by looking at a picture. One day a friend of mine told me she created a profile because she suspected her boyfriend was cheating through the app so she searched for him (and found him). After breaking up, she wanted the distraction so she went on a couple of dates, furthermore, she told me I should give it a try since I was single for a while and I could use some dating experience.

Now here I was, in the same spot as you’ve probably been, trying to figure out how is this app working. At first, I declined all the guys, because I thought I can “save them for later”, but this had an easy fix: deleted the profile and created it again. Following are a few things you need to be aware of if you are using Tinder:

Be extra careful with the super like functionality.

One day, I was casually swiping left right after a major app update, when I accidentally super liked a really weird gangsta guy’s pic! The panic stroke me and, of course, there is no way that I could take it back. When he “accepted” me, I immediately blocked him and I’m still praying that I will never see him on the streets. You might want to be careful with that feature!

Nothing is what it seems.

We are all advertising our best version, so don’t expect your Tinder date to be as gorgeous as the pictures from his profile. You need to be open-minded about this and see your date as the MC Donald’s burger, it doesn’t look like the pictures but it still might be good.

One of my dates was a guy, who was so short that he would stare at my breasts when facing me, of course in the pictures he looked tall so I went wearing heels. Still we had fun and in the end, I’ve made a new friend.

D*ck pics are coming your way. 

Many people use this for casual sex and will not be shy about it, make sure you don’t accept them on your other social media channels before being 100% sure that you are ok with them (Tinder chat doesn’t allow pictures so you are safe there).

One morning while I was at work preparing my coffee, I heard my phone ring. Nothing unusual since I was talking with this really cute guy from Tinder, that I liked enough to add on Facebook.  I was with the group of coworkers with whom I usually meet in the mornings. Here I am with my girls talking to me, my coffee in one hand and phone in the other when all of a sudden: TADAM!!! D*ck pics, more of them, different angles and, of course, the comment that he was thinking of me that morning. From the shock, I spilled the coffee on my lovely white pants and my face was changing more colors than Barcelona’s Magic Fountain. All the girls were asking me what did I see to react like that and wanted to see as well( hell NO). As you could have probably guessed I did not appreciate the pictures, especially before coffee and I blocked the guy. To avoid this type of embarrassment, keep the conversation on Tinder until at least you had the first date.

Getting better with practice.

After a few dates, I was able to tell apart some different types of guys and learned to avoid the casual sex ones, the cheating on my spouse/girlfriend guy and so on. Another thing I’ve learned was that even the happiest relationship can be fake, I saw a lot of my happily married with kids acquaintances there. At first, you will feel the urge to tell about the infidelities, but unless it is a very close friend of yours, I suggest you let it go and don’t make it your business.

Having fun & making friends.

Half a year after using Tinder I started to enjoy going on random dates with random guys. Not making a fuss when things didn’t work out and, the best of all, making friends with my dates. For a single person, I think it was beneficial to go out and experience, I’ve learned a lot about myself in that period and it gained me a lot of confidence.

Using Tinder to date is not a bad or immoral thing to do, let go of your prejudices and learn to enjoy the company of people you don’t know. You will get to practice small talk a lot and learn how to advertise your qualities to the fullest. Don’t forget about your safety, so inform a friend that you are out and if things go badly tell her to call you to tell you that your cat is sick (I used that one and it worked :-p ). Enjoy!