Before I Fall – What Would You Do On Your Last Day?

Now on Netflix, the movie Before I Fall features Sam a mean girl that is about to live the last day of her life over and over again until she makes a difference. The plot might not be the most original one, but it does bring up a question in all of us, what would we do knowing that today is our last day, to make a difference?

I’ve always wanted to do more, to make myself present and make a difference, yet sometimes I try to reach high and fail to see the small things that can be impacted. Can I make a difference in a normal yet boring day? Can I really change someone’s destiny? Or can I maybe change my own in just 24 hours? My answer is yes, how can this be possible can only be found out by each and every one of us.

Designed to look for the great moments, for the amazing experiences we fail to acknowledge the ones that really matter, and yes, those are the regular ones, the routine, the time we think we lose by doing nothing spectacular. We live for the future, worried about the past and completely ignoring the reality that is the present. Forever waiting to receive the Oscar, forgetting that getting and holding it is nothing without the regular and boring day preceding the celebration, the one where you simply get out of bed and got to work. The simple moment when you buy a cup of coffee, the cup is too full and you sip from it and taste the coffee. The moment you put on your seat-belt and turn on the music, the crossroad where you let the one stuck on the side road to pass in front of you because you have nowhere to rush and that person says thanks to you.

It’s often said that we have to lose something to truly appreciated, the ones that don’t understand that meaning are the luckiest people on Earth, it means that they’ve never lost someone they love. It is to the regular and ordinary moments that you turn to, it’s to the desire to be yesterday’s one more and for you to relive one lost normality. It’s the moment when you know nothing will ever be the same again that hurts the most, and here I am not talking about graduating high-school or college and just moving forward, although those might hurt as well.

If I were to make an exercise and think about today and what would I do different if it would truly be my last day, well it would be simple, I would have smiled more, I would have petted my animals a little bit more, got up a little bit earlier to drink my coffee with my loved one, I would have picked up my phone to call my grandpa, I would have had a little bit more patience with a mum and her kid when crossing the road that cost me my car’s paint since I hit the curve. I would have been nicer to everyone around me, look at their faces while walking or daydreaming a little bit more before opening the laptop, I would have not spent any time on Facebook and I would have not been judging anyone for their mistakes.

Some would say that if today would be your last day they would quit the job and get on a plane, well guess what, I wouldn’t, I think the difference would be small if I were to spend my last day alone, or just trying to get somewhere it’s impossible to get in 24 hours, running a lost marathon. I would do what I do on a regular, boring day, just a little bit more slowly and with more attention to details so that I can remember it.

Yet if you are reading this, just as I am writing it, means this isn’t your last day, you don’t have to worry about spending your last 24 hours and even if you didn’t get the chance to do everything perfectly you have another shot tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and so on. We don’t have to change anything about the day, we just have to live it. How we will do it, is completely up to us, the difference stands in our hands, whether we decide to act upon it or not. But one thing must be kept in mind when that last day will come, and none of us will escape it, we will not have that opportunity to relive it.

P.S. Watch that movie if you haven’t already, is exactly what the present you needs, food for the sole. Even the grumpy ones will love it!



10 Things That Make Me Happy

Leaving aside traveling, there are a couple of smaller things that will instantly put a smile on my face even in the darkest times. Here is my list of happiness bringers:

  • Spring and warm weather

I am very influenced by the weather and the most difficult time of the year is winter, that is why I am so happy that Spring has finally arrived and with it the warm weather, nothing makes me happier than ditching the winter clothes for the lighter ones.

  • Sunny days

Cannot help but loving the sunny days when the blue is so intense that it hurts your eyes. If you combine this with a sea view then the smile is guaranteed.

  • Swimming in the sea

For many, this might not be a very pleasant experience because of the salty water and the effects it has on the hair and skin, but for me swimming in the sea is one of the best things. The smell of the salty water and the cold feeling that you get when entering the sea, are just what I am enjoying most.

  • Horseback riding

One of the sports that I practiced as a kid, horseback riding will always hold a very important place in my heart. From the moment you get in the saddle to the moment you get off, all my problems vanished. There is no way of better enjoying the present moment than when you are practicing the noble sport.

  • Shopping

Shallow? Yes! Pleasant? Also yes! Even if nowadays I am trying to cut back on the shopping, I am still enjoying the moments when I go for a shopping sprint.

  • Reading a great book

All the bookworms out there will understand the feeling you get when you start a great book and you lose yourself in the author’s universe. Not knowing when hours passed, I am unable to distance myself from the book until I turn the last page, only to miss it once it’s gone. As a kid, I remember crying when I finished the last book in a series that I fell in love with.

  • Going out for dessert

A guilty pleasure that I like to indulge in is eating a great dessert. Ever since I could talk, I had a sweet tooth and I was madly in love with sweets. Nowadays I like to keep the cravings under control, but every once in a while I love to go out and try different deserts.

  • Dressing up

Nothing changes my mood than dressing up, especially when there is no special occasion. Whether is accessorizing my outfit or simply changing from the basic jeans to a skirt,  this is my go-to treatment for the blue days.

  • Walking hand in hand with my significant other

Even the worst day can be changed in a second when I am walking hand in hand with my loved one. It helps with recharging my batteries and offers me a different perspective on whatever happened.

  • Coffee

Saved the best for last. There is nothing like a great cup of coffee to change my mood, even if I know that I spend a lot on coffee, this is the one vice I totally indulge in.

We all have our bad days, but even in those not so pleasant times, there are fast remedies that can better your mood. What makes you happy?

Tiffany’s: A 90’s Obsession

Who hasn’t heard of the famous Return to Tiffany collection? Even the kids nowadays know about the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie and the notorious store. For those of us who were born in the ’90s, having jewelry from the brand was a dream, especially for the non-American ones. Even if it would come at an enormous cost, we still wanted to be Elle Woods for a day.


As time passed by, the new trends came and somehow we manage to forget about the old jewelry. Now it’s all about Pandora and their expensive items, if you ask 10 random girls to show you their writs, chances are 8 of them have the charm bracelet.

Since I am a 90’s b*tch, my obsession never really changed and when I finally got my hands on the Return to Tiffany necklace, I felt as if I have conquered the world. The fragile piece is so beautiful that I couldn’t take it off, until now.

No, I am not betraying the brand, I just got my hands on some new items from them. It all started when I found a new app that allows you to post items for sale in a very user-friendly manner, I will not name the app since I know for sure you all have your “trusted” one. So as I was just testing the newly discovered ground, I thought why not search for Tiffany and so I found the pieces I have been dying to buy ever since I was a teenager. But before I wound ‘seal’ the deal, I made a little investigation about the fake market, one that I totally despise, I prefer buying something pre-owned, then fake. I know it’s tough to find out, but you have to do your research.

And so I found a lot of very useful articles that tell you all about how to spot a fake. I will name here only a few that I also got to see on the market: the letter arrangement and the way it’s imprinted, the space between the words, the chain links, the material and of course the seller. The one thing that I thought I could trust is the price, I never buy the cheapest item, but since the Romanian market is not the best place to sell this type of jewelry, I was impressed by the deals I could get.

I know for some of you this article will make your eyes roll, but we all had that childhood obsession that made us behave like kids, even when we are clearly not in that spot anymore. Therefore, I am more than happy with the gift I got myself for my 28th birthday, I have to say that 4 original Return to Tiffany pre-owned items cost me as much as a single new one, so if you are still searching for your teenage crush, make sure you do your search and research.


Traveling: Disneyland Paris

As a little child, I have always dreamed of going to Disneyland, it was the land of fantasies and cartoons, of dreams and princess. Even if today I am no longer a kid, I can still feel as one, so I decided to treat myself with a ticket to the most visited park in Europe: Disneyland Paris.

Located in the 5th area of Paris, Disney now holds 2 parks: Adventure park and the Disney Studios. The day ticket is valid to one of them and it’s 42 euros per person during the week. Make sure you purchase the tickets from the official website if you want the best price. You can also purchase the skip the line ticket, that might come in useful if you don’t want to spend 2 hours in line as I did. Getting to the park is very easy and once you get out of the train station you will get to see the Disney universe all around. The entire town is actually made from the 2 parks.

From the moment I got into the park, I felt I was 10 again! I think in the first moments my eyes had happy tears in them, and I was running around like crazy. Was definitely one of the best days of my life. Bell’s castle is right in the middle of the park and on the way to it, you will get to walk through the American street, filled with shops and restaurants. The amusement park is divided into 3 types of activities: adventure, fun with the little ones and family activities. Make sure you take a map when you get it, you will need to find yourself the way throughout the park.

The lines can be a bit problematic, so make sure you get there when they open, around 10am. We managed to ride the train that circles the park, took a ride on the boat, went to the Pirates of the Caribbean carousel, the Wild West train carousel (where we waited in line for almost 2h) and last but definitely not least the Space Mountain from Star Wars. The last one is the most “terrifying” one since it rides at a high speed and turns you upside down. Furthermore, the screaming of the people that are riding before you are not reassuring at all, but the experience is amazing, adrenaline rush at full speed.

Make sure you wander around the maze from the Alice in Wonderland, visit the Queen of Hearts castle, climb in the tree house, visit Aladdin’s castle and, if you are really patient or lucky, take a picture with your favorite characters. I got to see Minnie and Chip&Dale, but the line was way too long for me to take a picture with them.

All around the park you will find stores with Disney articles. So you can purchase presents for your loved ones and for yourself, clearly. Also when you want to grab a bite, there are numerous places where you can eat while looking at the amazing park.

Personally, I would add the park to the bucket list of all the 90’s kids that grew up with the Disney movies and cartoons. To me, it was like turning back the time and seeing the kid that loved to play and dream. I was at last in the home of the favorite characters that now awaited for me to come and play. All of the costumes and the carousels are amazingly well made and you really get to lose yourself in their world.

Disneyland Paris Castle

Don’t Wait For The Perfect Timing

Also, don’t ever let the opinion of others stop you from following your dreams. It might seem hard to start something new, but you shouldn’t wait for your dreams to happen, make them happen.

When I said that I wanted to start drawing my friends asked me if I had any studies or talent in that area. Or if I even know what type of tools I need? Will I choose acrylic or oil or just sketches? The same goes for when I thought of starting a blog, do I know how to write an article? Can I write it in English? Will I be able to get people to read them? I decided not to lose sleep over these questions, start doing what I wanted.

There are a lot of impediments that can keep people from what they wanted to do, but not even one is as big as the fear of failing or making a fool of oneself. Humans are social beings so the validation and acceptance of the others are extremely important to us, unfortunately, this can also come in the way of our true callings. The possibility of failing will always be there, no matter what we choose to do (even at the boring 9 to 5 job!), so we can accept the risk and go ahead with our dreams, or we can regret the cowardliness later.

In the past, it was mandatory for youngsters to know how to express themselves through art, whether it was dancing, singing, drawing, writing or any other creative activity (designing, sewing, photography etc.). These traditions got lost over time and now it is only in the years of our childhood that we get to enjoy the artistic activities. The children do not fear the humiliation and love the attention, even when they are failing, they’re still smiling and willing to give it another try. Choose to learn from them and don’t get intimidated by the opinion of the others. What other people think of you is their problem, not yours!

Starting a new project can be frustrating and time-consuming at first, but there is also the return of investment that you get when you lose yourself in doing what you love. Thomas Edison said “I have not failed. I’ve found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” so it is all a matter of perspective.