Traveling: Unlocking Prague, Czech Republic

There are certain places so iconic that you will see on every bucket list or screensaver carousel there is. One of those places is Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic and one of the most, if not the most, beautiful cities in the world. My trip there was a relatively short one, but if there were a place I would recommend you to do a city break, it will be here.


We chose the low-cost version of the flight and landed in Vienna from where we took the Flexibus to Prague central station. If you also think about doing this, make sure you book your tickets in advance for the bus or the train. Due to common delays in the Wizz flights, we decided not to, and that cost us more. Also, take into consideration the 4.5 hours that you will spend on the bus.

For the accommodation, we chose to rent using Airbnb a studio near the central station and we walked to the city center every day. It might not be the best solution if you don’t like walking 27 km in a day, but luckily the public transport is very good and organized. The center of the city is pretty small, so the only ride you will need is from your accommodation to it.

Since we only had two full days to spend in the city we decided we wanted to get a glimpse of the city and see the most important attractions. We refrain from visiting museums, the only place we did entry was the Prague Castle, and I have to admit the best part of it it’s free, so if you find yourself here, don’t waste the money. You can even enter the church and see most of it, without the paid ticket.



Just like the saying best things in life are free, pretty much the same goes for the Prague attractions,  St. Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge, Prague Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square, and Dancing House are all available to you in the city center. While here make sure to grab a beer, or a Radler to fully enjoy the Czech vibe. And since we are on the subject of beverages, they are known for their craft beer that goes very well with their cuisine. If might be problematic for vegetarians, since it does include a lot of meat, but for those of you who love it, you will be in heaven.

While here, there is a special treat for the sweet lovers, the Trdelnik, a rather interesting dessert that you will see everywhere, with chocolate, fruit gem, ice-cream, fruits or other devilish flavors (like the one I choose) those will make you go to heaven.



Prague is also a river city, so do include a cruise on the Vltava, where you can learn more about the city history and get to take a few gorgeous photos. In the summertime, there is no better relaxation than to sip on lemonade while overseeing this amazing place.


The city panorama can be captured from many places, my personal favorite was the park where the Petrin Tower can be found. We didn’t climb on the tower, because of the line and the number of stairs, but we did admire the view from the park. Another great place is the tower from Charles Bridge where you can see the 360 degrees view, the best time to go is either in the morning or at twilight.


With a city this beautiful and popular you must pay attention to the tourist traps, there are a few and while you can never protect yourself from all, it’s good to do your homework before arriving. The most popular trap is the one that has to do with the money conversion, in the Czech Republic they use the koruna, and many places accept only cash payment, therefore you will need to exchange some money. If you plan on using the ATM machines make sure you read if they have any commission and verify the conversion rate, the Euronet ATM should be avoided at all times, those are known for offering the worts rates. I used my Revolut card to withdraw from a random ATM and the rate was decent. A better way to avoid this is by bringing cash and converting it. If you chose to do so, be very careful at the conversion rates and only accept the conversion if it’s the correct one. A trick that they make is they display the price they use to sell euro (or dollars) and not the one they will offer for buying the currency.

While on the ugly side of the touristic city, pay attention to the menu prices, if those are not displayed either ask or go to a different place. It happened for us to pay more than double for a bear just because they said they don’t have a menu ( we stayed only because the rain started). A friend of ours paid 4 times the price from the menu after the waiter asked if they would also like different types of salads with their food.

And lastly, make sure you don’t fall in the optional tips that they kindly calculated for you at around 20-25%. In Europe, unlike the US, the tips are NOT mandatory, if you liked the service you can leave one, usually is around 10%. The staff is fully paid (again unlike in the US where they are paid less because of the tips) so there is no obligation from your end to leave anything. Don’t get me wrong, I do tip, usually 10-15% but if the staff is rude or tries to trick me in any way that tip will vanish and I highly recommend you to do the same.


Clearly, the bad parts and the tourist traps are everywhere these days, so if it does happen to you, try to let it be and continue to enjoy your time in Prague. I refuse to give the satisfaction that they ruined my vacation to some bad people, karma will take care of them for sure.



Prague was one of the destinations that weren’t really on my list for this year but somehow manage to get on it after I got a couple of recommendations from my friends and I am so happy that I squeezed it in. Made in a budget-friendly manner we spent around 600 euros for the plane tickets, accommodation, food and attractions, in 3 days. To us, this place will always be one to be remembered with a huge smile on our faces.






Before I Fall – What Would You Do On Your Last Day?

Now on Netflix, the movie Before I Fall features Sam a mean girl that is about to live the last day of her life over and over again until she makes a difference. The plot might not be the most original one, but it does bring up a question in all of us, what would we do knowing that today is our last day, to make a difference?

I’ve always wanted to do more, to make myself present and make a difference, yet sometimes I try to reach high and fail to see the small things that can be impacted. Can I make a difference in a normal yet boring day? Can I really change someone’s destiny? Or can I maybe change my own in just 24 hours? My answer is yes, how can this be possible can only be found out by each and every one of us.

Designed to look for the great moments, for the amazing experiences we fail to acknowledge the ones that really matter, and yes, those are the regular ones, the routine, the time we think we lose by doing nothing spectacular. We live for the future, worried about the past and completely ignoring the reality that is the present. Forever waiting to receive the Oscar, forgetting that getting and holding it is nothing without the regular and boring day preceding the celebration, the one where you simply get out of bed and got to work. The simple moment when you buy a cup of coffee, the cup is too full and you sip from it and taste the coffee. The moment you put on your seat-belt and turn on the music, the crossroad where you let the one stuck on the side road to pass in front of you because you have nowhere to rush and that person says thanks to you.

It’s often said that we have to lose something to truly appreciated, the ones that don’t understand that meaning are the luckiest people on Earth, it means that they’ve never lost someone they love. It is to the regular and ordinary moments that you turn to, it’s to the desire to be yesterday’s one more and for you to relive one lost normality. It’s the moment when you know nothing will ever be the same again that hurts the most, and here I am not talking about graduating high-school or college and just moving forward, although those might hurt as well.

If I were to make an exercise and think about today and what would I do different if it would truly be my last day, well it would be simple, I would have smiled more, I would have petted my animals a little bit more, got up a little bit earlier to drink my coffee with my loved one, I would have picked up my phone to call my grandpa, I would have had a little bit more patience with a mum and her kid when crossing the road that cost me my car’s paint since I hit the curve. I would have been nicer to everyone around me, look at their faces while walking or daydreaming a little bit more before opening the laptop, I would have not spent any time on Facebook and I would have not been judging anyone for their mistakes.

Some would say that if today would be your last day they would quit the job and get on a plane, well guess what, I wouldn’t, I think the difference would be small if I were to spend my last day alone, or just trying to get somewhere it’s impossible to get in 24 hours, running a lost marathon. I would do what I do on a regular, boring day, just a little bit more slowly and with more attention to details so that I can remember it.

Yet if you are reading this, just as I am writing it, means this isn’t your last day, you don’t have to worry about spending your last 24 hours and even if you didn’t get the chance to do everything perfectly you have another shot tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and so on. We don’t have to change anything about the day, we just have to live it. How we will do it, is completely up to us, the difference stands in our hands, whether we decide to act upon it or not. But one thing must be kept in mind when that last day will come, and none of us will escape it, we will not have that opportunity to relive it.

P.S. Watch that movie if you haven’t already, is exactly what the present you needs, food for the sole. Even the grumpy ones will love it!



As a European In US

Remember Sting’s song Englishmen in New York? Well, I can tell you this much, it’s a huge cultural difference between the two continents, and yes, you can really feel like an alien sometimes, luckily with the globalization, the gaps are starting to diminish, but until then, here is my list of noticeable differences when you are traveling to the US from Europe.


  • Hi! How are you? 

In the US this is just another way of saying hi, none really wants to know how you are, it’s just a polite way of starting a conversation. In Europe, asking someone how he/she is, is usually the start for the broader conversation about what the person is doing.

  • Mix of cultures

One of my favorite aspects about the US is the cultural mix, the diversification and the unique beauty that each of the individuals brings. Working for a company that promotes diversification and equal rights gave me also the opportunity to work with different people coming from different grounds. Furthermore, big cities as New York and Chicago will impress any European for sure.

  • Smiles and compliments with no hidden reasons

In Europe, people are more composed and don’t really interact with strangers, also when they do, they keep their distance. In America it’s the opposite, people smile back at you and offer you compliments, without having an agenda. I was in TJ Maxx trying on a pair of shoes and this lady told me that she loves the color and those look really great on me. She was also a costumer, so she didn’t gain anything from trying to sell the shoes, she was just very nice and unfortunately, you don’t get to see this very often in Europe.

  • Everyone is willing to help you

This point goes very well with the one above. Have to say that whenever you need help and ask for it, everyone is willing to lend you a hand. They would all stop what they are doing and try to figure a way of helping you. Also, being in this mindset, makes you change your behavior.

  • Fast and heavily processed food served in HUGE portions

The food was the hardest area for me to adjust. It is true that I didn’t eat a lot in the high-end restaurants, but more of the budget ones, yet the heavily processed meat, the sugar and the amount of grease that it’s used, made my body react in a not so pleasant way. Usually, when I am abroad I make an exception and don’t really watch what I am eating, yet after 2 weeks in the US, I was anxious to get home and have a real meal, made with real meat and with raw vegetables. Seeing it from outside, the fact that fast food business is booming and that people eat that much unhealthy food is a bit scary.

  • Tips are a must and prices don’t include the taxes

Tipping in Europe is one of the nice to have in the northern countries, more expected in the southern ones, but not mandatory. In US tipping is a must, also the fact that you have to tip up to 25% of the check is also a big shock to anyone traveling there. Maybe it’s because we usually only tip 10-15%, or because we feel like we are obliged to do it, that makes this practice very hated by most Europeans. If tipping is mandatory, it should be added to the check, also while I was with Work and Travel and waitressing, the wage that I was getting was half of the minimum because I would get tips, and this made me feel like I wasn’t actually paid by the restaurant but by the customers.

Another odd thing is the taxes not being included in the price, I would never actually know how much I would get to pay at the counter because of it. I think the US is the only place in the world that I’ve seen this.

  • Politically correct

In Europe, we don’t really care about talking politically correct everywhere we go. When we are out with friends we usually make jokes and none gets offended since those are only for fun and are not meant to upset anyone. In the US people are more composed and try to stick to the rules all the time because they are afraid someone might get offended. Although I do understand that limits have to be kept, I feel like the world has become this place where anything you say can and definitely will be used against you.

  • Everyone says they are sorry for about anything

The most commonly used word in the US has to be ‘sorry’. Everywhere you go if you encounter a person that tried to go around you, that person will say sorry. If you are passing someone in the store, they will say sorry. I somehow feel like the word is being so abused that it lost its main purpose, that of saying sorry when you really feel sorry for something. Let’s be honest you are not sorry for wanting to get to the other side of the road. If you step on someone’s foot, yes you will say sorry, but not for passing near another person.

  • Water with ice even in the winter

I visited Chicago 2 times during the fall and winter seasons. Anyone who’s ever been to Chicago knows that it is extremely cold and windy, so you can all imagine my surprise when I saw water with ice cubes everywhere I went. Also, when I asked the waiter to switch my water with ice cubes with just water they were a bit surprised.

  • Flip-flops and sandals in the winter, because why not?

The temperature in Chicago in March is a very low one, the wind making it feel like a lot less, yet on Saturday everyone was out parting and some of the people were wearing sandals to match their outfit. This girl from the street was wearing a very short dress and some pumps, while I was covered in fabric and still feeling as if I will freeze to death. Also at the airport, as we went out, we saw a lot of people wearing flip-flops, perhaps at their departure, it was nice and warm, but at the destination, it was so cold that I wasn’t feeling my fingers although I was wearing gloves.

  • Healthcare is expensive

Coming from a country where healthcare is automatically paid from one’s salary, ER services are always free and when someone doesn’t have a job still receives medical care, it was a big shock to see how the American system works and it’s pricing. Clearly, we cannot compare the quality of the services that are given across the ocean and in Romania, but still, it surprised me that many people cannot afford a decent healthcare subscription. While I was traveling to Chicago, in the plane I sat next to a guy that told me he when into the ER room on his knees just so that he wouldn’t pay 2000$ for the ambulance to come and pick him. He said that even if he has health insurance, that wouldn’t cover all the expenses so he just took an Uber. Another thing that surprised me, where the number of commercials that I saw, especially in the subway, for medical research made on humans. When I asked my colleagues about this, that said that many people are signing up for those programs because they are offered apart from money, healthcare insurances.

  • It’s easier to procure heroin than antibiotics

I was “lucky” enough to catch a cold while I was in the US, it got so severe that I started to cough pus and knew that I was in need of some heavy medication. Since I know that during the winter I get this pretty often and I know the medication I need, I asked people where can I get some antibiotics. It was then that my colleges told me that in the US it’s way easier to buy heroin than antibiotics and that those are almost never prescribed unless absolutely needed. In Romania, in case of severe cases, as I was, you can get the antibiotics for 72h medication even from the Pharmacy if the pharmacists consider that you really needed it. I have to say that it took me almost 2 weeks to heal with the regular, very light medicine.

  • Drugs are sold in the supermarket

All supermarkets in the US sell drugs, even if those are the ones that don’t need a prescription, have to say that this looks very odd from someone coming from Europe, where drugs are only sold in pharmacy’s and the person selling them has to have a college degree in pharmaceutics in order to offer you information or suggestions regarding what medication you should take. Also, what is up with the 300 pills ibuprofen jar?

  • Homeless people are a real issue

In 2011 when I first visited the US, I didn’t really notice the number of homeless people that were wandering the streets of New York, perhaps it was because I was to focus on the city or because of the fact that their number was a lot lower, but in the last 2 years, at least in Chicago I got to see a lot of them. What surprised me even more, was the fact that most of them were young, perhaps in their 30′, yet they were standing in the severe cold. Nowadays we get to see a lot of people begging on the streets of Europe, but their number is not as high, furthermore, most of them have a home, yet they are begging to try to get some easy money, so they are not really homeless. Most countries in Europe offer them housing during the winter, and only a few of the beggars are young. For me, this was one of the most difficult things to see and pass by.

  • The entertainment is a must on about anything

When it comes to entertainment I have to say that America does it best, from a simple meal at the restaurant where the waiter will do anything to make you feel good, to the games that have a show designed to entertain the masses. It was the first time I got to see a basketball game in the US and I have to give it to them, the show from the breaks was a great one. Every minute was used to make the audience want more and come back. After seeing this, I definitely want to see more.

  • Fashion is affordable for everyone

On one of the weekends, I got the chance to go to one of the outlet malls from outside Chicago. Many big brands have outlet stores over there, and the prices are amazing. I have to say that I was very jealous of American people that they can buy designer items at such great prices making fashion and quality pieces affordable to everyone. Next time I visit Chicago I want to be more prepared since honestly I was very surprised by the brands and the discounts you can get.

Each place you visit will make an impact over how you see the world, as a foreigner in the US, I have to admit that it struck me at first. The different mindset and cultural diversity are one of the most amazing things you get to experience. Also, it doesn’t matter how many times you visit the same place, there is always something more to do and to explore. I don’t know yet if I will return to Chicago, but I am hoping that I will since there are still a lot of things on my list. Even if it will not be this same city, I will definitely return to the US, since I believe there are still a lot of places and experiences that I want to have.

My Wish List for the New Year

With the 2018 end, it’s time for the traditional list of to do’s for 2019. A tradition that I started since 2012, was to write down all my wishes for the upcoming year and to check it only at the end of the next year. So here are a couple of the items that will go on my list in case you needed some inspiration for yours.


Investing in health

With my 29th birthday around the corner, I want to invest as much as possible in my health. Exercising regularly, eating healthier food, meditating and doing all the medical check-ups are all on my list since health is the most important asset that one can have. Even if in the past I was not very strict in this area, I want to make a change in the upcoming year when I wish to say bye-bye to junk food and skipping the workout day. 2019 is the year to get back in shape.

Me time

Sometimes I have the tendency to put everyone else’s needs before mine and I try to please everyone. That behavior has to stop and I am planning on being more self-centered next year, even if I have to say no to someone else. Friends will understand and fake friends will disappear, so a win-win situation for me.

More time spent with my boyfriend and my pets

With everything that has been going on in 2018, the time spent with my family of 4 (me, my boyfriend and my 2 cats) has decreased a lot. Having 2 jobs and a blog made me a workaholic that forgot to breathe and relax. I plan on setting some ground rules when it comes to working in the following year so that I can enjoy as much time as possible with the most important beings from my life.

Time for reading, painting, writing, and Netflix

Doing the things I love the most is saving me from burnout and I plan on investing all the free time in them. Since the new apartment will accommodate a library, a place to paint by the window, my cozy bin bag and since I just made my first subscription to Netflix you can image how anxious I am to make the most of all of them. As for writing, I want to keep my rule of at least one article a week up.

Travel the world  

Traveling is extremely important to me and I have no desire to slow down onto this area, even if the list is not yet set, I am hoping that I will conquer some more ground in the next months. Whether it will be the crazy city of Tokyo, the old fashioned Havana or the most beautiful place on Earth for me, New York City, I am sure 2019 will bring some great experiences with it.

‘PM’ me I am ready!

No, I am not talking about private messaging, but about Project Management, a role that I have been dreaming and working my a*s of for the last 3 years is about to be offered to me. Both excited and frightened by it, I cannot wait for this new chapter to begin. If this will be a perfect fit for me or not, I am not sure, but I will definitely find out in the months to come.

Don’t know for you guys, but for me laying on a paper all the plans that I have for the following year have worked great. I am not a believer in “New Year, new me” but in “New year, better me”, so on each 1st of January I write down my wishes and for the rest of the 364 or 365 days I work on those wishes, some will come true, others won’t, some will make me happier others will make me realize that I have to sacrifice too much to make them true. It’s a new begging so cheers to that! Hope you guys will make yourselves a great new year, you deserve it!

Important Things You Have To Know Before Buying A Home

Finally, I decided to make the big step of buying a home, I might be among the last of my friends and colleagues to do it. After being constantly discouraged by the market, I managed to find a place that made me sell my soul to the devil aka the bank. Since this is a pretty big decision, here are a few of the lessons that I’ve learned from my experience.


1. Never rush!

A few years back everybody around me was buying a house, they all encouraged me to do the same, to invest my money, to own a place. Well….. I am very happy I didn’t listen to them! Even if the market might’ve been lower a few years back, the fact that 3 years ago I decided to pack my bags and move to a different city would have never happened. Also, the fact that right now I am not buying that house alone made a huge difference. Just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean you should also.

2. Know your limits

When shopping for a house or an apartment it’s easy to lose focus. The pretty ones might steal your eyes and you might want to go a little bit higher just because of the “Instagram” ready look, but you have to know your limit! Especially if you depend on a bank for the money. Before you start searching do the math, find out exactly what is the price range and look ONLY in that range. Yes, that 1 million dollar house looks amazing, but if you cannot afford it’s just wasted time.

3. Do the full math

Let’s say that you already know the price you are willing or able to pay, now it’s time to see the real costs. Even if the installment looks like something you can work with, try that for at least three consecutive months, see how that goes, is that something you are comfortable with? If not try to decrease the amount until you do, you need to still be able to enjoy life and afford stuff, that house will frustrate you really fast if all your money goes into it.

4. Try to see the big picture

By now you should know what is the price range and what you can afford to spend on a property, so it’s time to search. Either if you are depending on an agent or you are doing this yourself, make sure you look past the nice furniture! It might sound crazy but the most polished places I’ve seen were either very small or not well positioned.

In this area, some little help might be needed, the best person would be someone who has nothing to gain from telling you what to look for ( a parent, someone with real estate experience, etc.). You need to know what will bring you the most value for your money, also you need to know what you are willing to sacrifice. For me the most important things were the location and the size of the apartment, I wanted to be able to get around the city fast and but also have enough space for me, my boyfriend and my two cats. I had to sacrifice the neighborhood and the lack of parking space for a price that I could afford.

5. Don’t rush (again!)

Buying a place might take months and it should! You need to see what you don’t want in order to buy what you do want. Even if it’s frustrating AF to see a place and not get it, or have someone else take it right in front of you, you need to have patience, good things don’t happen overnight. I’ve seen people looking for years before actually making the purchase, so no worries, it will happen.

Buying a house was a huge step for me, even now that I am a few weeks before moving, I still cannot believe that I finally did it. It might not be the place I’ve always dreamed of, but it is definitely a great place to start and I already have a plan of reimbursing the money ahead of time so that I can get that one of my back.

Book review: After You by Jojo Moyes

After reading the first book from the series, Me Before You, in 2 days I decided to take a risk and also give the second one a chance. I am not a big fan of sequels, but I wanted to see what Lou did after she lost Will. The article will contain spoilers!


The story is 18 months after the events from Switzerland and is now presenting a different Luisa Clark. One that is now leaving in London in an apartment that she bought from the money left by Will Traynor and is working as a waitress in an airport bar.

Although she traveled to Paris, just as she was instructed in the last letter from Will, she still hasn’t found closure on the whole affair. She is attending a support group for people who suffered great losses, but she is still hiding in the comfort zone of an unfurnished apartment and a lousy job.

Her life is once again turned upside down when she gets distracted by someone on her roof terrace and falls from the building, severely injuring herself. But this is how she meets “Ambulance” Sam, the gorgeous paramedic for whom she will develop feelings for later on.

Another key character will be the girl that scared her on the roof, Will’s daughter Lily! A child born after a college adventure, that her gold digger mother never tells Will about. Lou soon finds out that a 15year old teenager can come will a lot of behavior issues and can both a pain and a blessing. Dealing with smoking and substance abuse, running from home and blackmail, Lily is one troubled teenager that is in desperate need of someone to save her. Whether her family from her father’s side will accept her or not or if Louisa will manage to bring her on the right path, you will have to see for yourself.

I will not give you the end of the book since I am hoping I got your full attention by now, but what I will tell you is that you cannot guess how the adventure of Lou will end this time. So make some time to read and enjoy it!

Moyes’s book, After You, is one related to the journey a person who lost her purpose in life has to make in order to break free from the past. From therapy to risks, from loneliness to happiness, but most important from fear to love. Although it wasn’t as good as the first part After You still comes with yet another life lesson that we all have to prepare ourselves for: losing a loved one. The healing process is a long one and it is dependent on each individual, no standard procedure can be applied and so will Louisa Clark find out.

Traveling, My Guilty Pleasure

Ever since I can remember, I have been in love with the idea of seeing the world. I know it sounds like a cliche, but I have always pictured myself with a suitcase in an airport, waiting for my next flight. It is probably the diseases of my generation and for me, he wanderlust means way much more than a hashtag to use on Instagram.


The first travel experiences I had was with my parents, my mom was in love with the idea of seeing how the world looks. She probably passed this dream up to me and, although she is no longer here with me, I imagine her smiling every time I book my next travel destination itinerary.

The first time I took the plane was to go to the US, in 2011 with the Work and Travel program, I was both happy and terrified of the 20 hours flight. From the second I got to the airport, I knew that this would be one of the favorite places to be. I adore staying in the lobby waiting for my connection and analyzing the people around me. Even if some of them are rude I choose to focus on the others, the relaxed ones waiting to go on vacation, the elderly couples that are holding hands or looking over the planes magazines, the suited ones going on business trips or the simple backpackers that are anxious to arrive at their destination, they are all making me smile and enjoy the moment.

Since 2011 I got to see a lot of places and have amazing experiences in countries like Holland, the USA, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Germany, Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Belgium. From each and every destination I have unforgettable memories, that are making my face light up every time I think about them. If I could I would travel to every place from this Planet and even in outer space, if possible. Can you imagine seeing the Earth from up there???

Unfortunately, I have to work, sometimes even 2 jobs, to make my dream come true, but I don’t regret for a second the effort that I put into it. It is one of my principles not to go to the same place twice, perhaps when I run out of new places to go, I will return to the “old” ones, but not before that. I do believe that life is short and that I should take advantage of every second of it.

If I were to choose one favorite place I would say Greece is definitely it and I only got to see Corfu, Paralia Katerini, Thessaloniki, Meteora, Kefalonia, and Zakynthos. I am planning on taking a road trip to Greece to unlock the islands from the east coast, but I am not sure when I can squeeze it in. My constant frustration is the limited amount of paid days off that I get from work (21 days we get in Romania) and, as you can imagine, I have only 7 left for this year. Next year it would be even worst since I booked the flight for 14 days in Thailand and yes, I can barely wait for January to come.


The perfect moment for me is at the airport, with a big cup of coffee, a good book and my SO besides me, both waiting for our plane to take us to our next adventure. Even if I love taking pictures, I am not constantly reminding myself to enjoy the “live version” and not to worry about capturing everything for later. Later can always wait.

What else I learned from my trips is that comfort comes way before looks and that I can also look good in flats and jeans, besides I really don’t care how I am looking in the pictures since I know that happy me is the most beautiful version of myself. Also that traveling light, with only a small suitcase, is much easier then you can imagine, I don’t need my full closet for a 7-day trip.

For me, the world is my home and I would love to be able to move to a new place from time to time. Working in the IT field definitely pays off, but I am constantly having days when I just want to put my things in a bag and go to the sea without the safety net of a stable job. Perhaps one day I will, but for now, I am searching the internet for my next flight, maybe it would be Spain, or Malta, or France. I don’t where the next flight will take me, but I know for sure that it will be an amazing experience that I will treasure forever.