A Travelers Worst Nightmare

I think I speak in the name of quite a few travelers out there that we never thought that our passion will come to an abrupt end with the new pandemic that has taken over the world. Even though I know this might sound shallow, for many this was the fuel keeping us going and when this was taken away, we felt lost.


Even though I know I am not at the level where I would travel full time and I could sustain myself from this lifestyle, I still feel like a huge part of my life was stripped and that now I might not be able to get it back just as fast as I initially thought. I monitored the situation ever since it began, especially with a trip to Africa planned at the end of February, but somehow I thought this will never become a world problem, but it will still be a China problem. As much as I would like to be politically correct, it’s the third time this happens for the same bloody reason, eating wildlife. I do not understand why there weren’t taken any actions taken after the last 2 viruses, but I will keep this speech for a different article.

Questions as: would we able to make it stop before we are all sick? Will we have a vaccine fast enough? Will we find a treatment that can save the lives of our loved ones? Those are all on our mind, along with: when will it be safe for me to travel again?

The past few years we experienced a boom in traveling on the plane tickets affordable to everyone, exotic destinations that became a norm on social media and we all took advantage of the wanderlust trend. But will it all be the same after this? Will the economy of the world be strong enough for the tourism industry, one of the worst affected areas, to bounce back? Or will we be thrown in a new game where traveling will be a luxury that only a few will afford?

I still see some nomads that refused to be chased by the virus and keep their current plans in place. A part of me thinks that it’s good that they kept going, but the other one knows that in times like these where countries could start a war in 5 seconds and when the medical system is down, it’s not a good idea to be far from home. Also, even the wild ones should listen to the authorities’ advice to stay indoors and isolated.

Following your passion should come second to responsibility, as much as you would want something, it’s important to understand that some reckless actions could cost lives, innocent lives. As much as it hurts me to make this call, we should all stop traveling, pause our pleasure, and think big, the action of the individual will change the history for generations.

Perhaps this was the awaking that we all needed to understand how lucky we are but also how fragile. Our fate can change in a blink of an eye and there is nothing that we can do about it. I have a feeling that once this is over the planes will be full, everyone will try to follow as many as their dreams as possible. The need to return to a once normality will be on everyone’s list, but the aftermath will still to be seen. If there will be another economic crisis, if we will be able to bounce back to our routine or if our days as world travelers will come to an end.

These days are the worst nightmare for everyone, we are trapped inside with spring-blooming outside and an invisible enemy lurking in the shadow. I look at an empty sky that was once filled with airplanes. I look at the deserted airports that are now closing because of the restriction and feel the loss. I turn to my travel photography to keep me dreaming of the moment I can resume my passion.