Last Month’s Favorites: February

Finally, the last month of winter has passed. I think we are all ready for the bad weather to go away and for spring to come and take its place. The flower markets are already blooming with the spring flowers and the day is a few hours longer. But before we talk more about March, let’s remember what was nice about February.


Early birthday gifts are the best since you will never expect them before your birthday month, therefore you can imagine the surprise when I saw the huge package on my coffee table. My boyfriend had a happy yet terrified look on his face, not knowing whether I will love it or hate it. After unwrapping I saw probably the best gift I ever got, a Cannon DSRL that I immediately start using. There is no term of comparison between the pictures that are taken with it and the ones I was capturing with my phone. I cannot wait to take it with me when traveling to capture the beauty of our world using this amazing machinery.


Since you guys already know me for a book worm, I wasn’t able to help myself and not buy Caroline Kepne’s book, ‘You’. Also, after reading this article from Bustle, I got carried away and added to the cart also: ‘One Of Us Is Lying’ by Karen McManus, ‘P.S. I Still Love You’ by Jenny Han and ‘The Hating Game’ by Sally Thorne. The others from the article are in the wishlist for the months to come.

In the shopping department, I only added a couple of items that I needed for my Chicago business trip ( I already wrote about my outfits here). Furthermore, since February is a month of discounts I got them at a bargain price. The list included: two office shirts, a pair of elegant wool pants and a long dress shirt.



I have to say that I cannot wait for the bad weather to go away and for the sun to take its rightful place, spring being my favorite season. Looking forward to capturing these springs beautiful colors with my new DSRL camera. Hope you will enjoy the pictures.


Last Month’s Favorites: January 2019

The most depressing month of the year just passed and even if the weather was not on my favorites list, there are a couple of items that were, therefore I am more than happy to share them with you.


The first on my list would be a new Netflix show that I’m kind of obsessed with, named You. Based on the book of Caroline Kepnes, it features Penn Badgley as the stalker, Joe. In the digital era, I think the show’s main subject is something that many of us encountered. Let’s be honest who hasn’t done a bit of stalking on social media? But in this case we can all see the danger of posting all of your life’s updates online and what can someone do with that information. Apart from the very smart topic, I love the psychological side of the series, definitely a show to watch if you don’t do it already. The book is also on my to-read list, so expect a book review soon.


January being a month where the moral is a bit low, I invested in 3 books to better my mood, I am talking about Meik Wiking‘s books Hygge (review can be found here) and Lykke, to those I added also Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life. What better way to spend the first month of the year than with a cup of hot chocolate and a great book. I make it my goal to read at least 2 books per month.


In the shopping department, I have to praise my new pair of ankle boots from Vero Moda that I had my eyes on since December. The burgundy red color and the soft velvet made me fall for them in seconds, I didn’t have the chance to wear them yet, but I am planning to do it in the next days. Since it was hard to order only the boots, I added also a shopper black bag from Ted Baker. Love the classic style and the fact that I can wear it with about anything and in any season, also it’s size is perfect, not too big to be uncomfortable to wear, but spacious enough to allow me to carry half of my house it in.


Last but not least, a new pair of long boots that weren’t really on the list, but since these were on sale and at a great price, I said one can never have enough shoes, so I swiped the card for the dusty pink leather boots. At first, I was a bit worried that it might be hard to wear them, now I see that it’s actually pretty easy to find an outfit to accommodate them.


Getting through January was a bit of a challenge after the excesses from December. I am happy that it is over and that spring is one month closer. I hope the rest of the year will bring just as many favorites as the first month.

Last Month’s Favorites: December 2018

December! One of my favorite months of the year! And not because of the snow, not even because of Christmas, but because of the holiday season. Two weeks of vacation with nothing to do, at least not officially, since we all know we need to pay visits to everyone from the family, clean the house, cook enough food to feed a small village, etc., but let’s not focus on that, but on the favorites list from last month.


Since one of my wishes for this mini-vacation was to have a few days for my own, to read under the Christmas tree and just stay in my fluffy robe, I needed a few items to buy. One, some good books, a romantic winter story One Day in December (review here) and Paulo Coelho’s Winner Stands Alone (review will follow soon), and second the fluffy pink robe. I know it all sounds like a cliche but it really felt nice to stay at home, with a cheesy story and the mulled wine, relaxing when outside the weather is freezing. Even right now I am wearing the pink robe, I am madly in love with it.


My hometown is a small one, from the northeastern part of the country, where usually during winter we have lots of snow and my personal nightmare, ice. Wearing hills is out of the question and since I am a fan of comfort with a passion for the urban style, I made a purchase that (duh) lead to some more shopping, a pair of Timberland’s boots, an oversized sweater and a pair of boyfriends jeans. I know the style is not for everyone, and some of you will never approve of such an outfit, I have to say that it fits me perfectly, it was even my outfit for the New Year’s Eve stay at home party. Leaving the joke aside, if you are looking for a pair of boots for the winter, search no more, the Timberland’s classic’s are so comfy and stylish.


The last items from my favorite list were partly bought by me, part was given to me as a new house gift. I will start with the ones that I received from my best friend, an amazing house spray with Gingerbread from Zara Home and a Christmas cookie box that really made my home look stylish and smell amazing. As for what I purchased myself, well the list includes a fluffy white blanket, 2 pillows, also fluffy and a wooden tray.


December was all about investing in me and in my comfort, after a crazy year filled with a lot of drama and stress at work, I finally managed to break free from the chains of responsibility and learn to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, a good story and some comfy clothes. It worked wonders for me, how was December on your end?


Last Month’s Favorites: November 2018

What better way to approach the end of the year than with a new series of articles related to the things I liked the most from the past month. Please note that the items are chosen based on my personal taste and that I wasn’t in any way paid to advertise them. So let’s get started!


On the second day of November the items that I wanted for a long time but I kept on waiting for the best price to get it. Ever since September, I had my eyes set on a blue Coccinelle leather bag, but I waited until the deal was sealed with my (new) apartment to finally press the Add to Cart and Pay buttons. The order was delivered really fast and in a single day, I got to have the precious little item. Even if at first I was a bit disappointed by the size, when I put it next to my body I realized that it is actually pretty nice in this petite version. The final price that I paid for it was 125 euros, a great price for the Italian brand.

Since I was placing a new order I thought I could also add a pair of black leather gloves that I’ve been wanting to get for the winter season that is almost here. At first, I went for a pair of Ted Baker ones, but since they didn’t have my size, I fell for a pair of gloves from Mango. I’ve had 2 leather jackets from them, one wasn’t as great as I would have hoped, but one I still have and love for over 4 years now, so it was a bit of a lottery with the material there, but I have to say I love the soft leather of the gloves. I will have to wait and see how these will behave when worn but what I’ve seen and felt this far looks great. The final price for them was around 17 euros, a bargain from my perspective.


The cold season is almost here so I am very happy with the next item I brought from H&M for 8 euros, a blue oversize sweater made from a soft like velvet material. The fact that it was the big knitting style makes me love it even more. I cannot wait for the weather to be cold enough for me to pop its tag and start wearing it.


Last but definitely not least is the most precious piece of electronics that I got at Black Friday, the MacBook Pro Touch bar. I have to say that I fell in love with it as soon as I put my fingers on it, the amazing new keyboard, the retina display and the cute feature of the touch-bar. Even if it was hard to let go of my old faithful Macbook Air that I had for a while now, but the upgrade was needed. I could say that Santa came earlier for me this year and couldn’t be more happy about this.