Happy Holidays, Everyone!

With the end of the year just around the corner, it’s that moment when we are all heading home to enjoy Christmas time with our families. Also, it’s the best time to count our blessings and say thanks to 2019 and all that it had to give us. From severe colds to new adventures, for me, it was an amazing year and I can only hope the upcoming one is just as good.


Every year, I go to my home town for Christmas, and even with my crazy family, it’s still the holiday season when everyone is trying their best. Cannot say that is one of those picture-perfect moments, I think it is the exact opposite, yet it’s good to see everyone and enjoy a glass of homemade wine. Getting to see my high-school friends is a bonus, especially after so many days with the family.

For me, 2019 was indeed a great year, with many trips abroad, a promotion at work, and with my family getting bigger with the addition of Fox, the german-shepherd. This was also the last year before I turn 30, and as scary as it sounds, I am happy with where I stand today, as an adult and as a woman. Hope it keeps getting better and better.

2019 was also the year that I started volunteering, and I have to admit, the feeling is amazing. Being part of a community that is set on doing good and on helping others, gave me a sense of belonging. It was after the days that I spend with this group, that I seriously thought of remaining in Romania for good, it’s still undecided, but I cannot say I am as anxious about leaving as I was last year.

Another great thing that happened this year, is the fact that I finally settled in my new apartment and the fact that my library keeps getting bigger, as is my list of books read in one year. Even if I know this is not my “forever” home, I am happy with how it all turned out.

For 2020, I hope it will bring everyone joy and happiness. A better world, where plastic is no longer used this much, where fast fashion losses popularity and where people will be kind to each other. Happy new year!

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