Last Months Favorites: September 2019

September with the warm weather and the pumpkin spice late is officially over and we are now entering Halloween’s month. Before we add the cat ears to the basket and start trick or treating, let’s talk about the month that just passed.

Vacation time!

I have waited for my trip to Egypt since February, so you can imagine my excitement when I finally closed the suitcase and called the cab that took me to the airport. Naturally, I have a full post on my impressions for this country along with what we did prices and recommendations, here are some teasing photos and let me tell you that I had one of the best experiences from my life when I got to swim with a dolphin, a free one that came to play with us while we were snorkeling and scuba diving.



No shopping month!

Indeed, I was out for a full week on vacation, but including the other 3, I am happy to say that I didn’t do any shopping this past month. Clearly, I am not including the supermarket purchases, since I needed food to survive, but I didn’t buy clothes or shoes so I am happy that I stayed away from temptations and I am leaving this area blank.

End of XBody EMS training!

Well, if you guys remember a few months back I started this training to get in nice shape for my beach vacation. Finally, it is over and I don’t have to put myself through the worst type of training ever! Personally, it had 0 effects, my shape is exactly the same, and I hated every single session. Doing sport was always something that I enjoyed, yet the 20 minutes of the Electro Muscular Stimulation was hell, it is unnatural and honestly, without any purpose since for me, it was as if I didn’t go to the gym at all. If I were to give you a piece of advice, find a sport that you enjoy doing and go for that one, the only reason this is on the favorites list is that I was so happy that it was over, not to mention that is was crazy expensive.

Switching from summer clothes to the fall wardrobe! 

With summer officially over and the rainy season here, it’s time to do the big switch for the fall season. Don’t know about you, but I have to remove all the items from one area of my closet and move it to a different one until next year while doing this I am also removing any items that are either outdated or I haven’t worn in a long time, same goes for the fall outfits. Decluttering is part of transitioning to the fall process that I am happy to do since it’s giving me an idea about what I am still missing.


Planning for a new adventure!

With September a new bucket-list destination was booked and I am more than excited for the trip we will make at the end of February to……………. ZANZIBAR! If at the first idea was to be there during my big 3o birthday, I had to let that one go, since in mid-March the rainy seasons starts, therefore we went for the end of February to the beginning of March to have a pre-birthday celebration. As a small kid, I am so happy I will get to check one of the places that have been on my list since forever.

I will lie if I would say that I love fall, yes it’s cute with the change of the outfits and the warm coffee, yet I am a summer person, therefore the vibe that I will have to wait for another 7-8 months to feel the summer heat again, makes me blue. Maybe that is why I love to travel to warm places and follow the heat. How do you feel about autumn? Is this your favorite season? Let me know in the comments below. 😉

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