Bridget Jones Diary – A Funny Yet True Love Story

Yes, I know I am almost 18 years late to the party and everyone already saw the movie, but being the late bloomer that I am, I recently decided that it will be a good idea to finally press play. Long story short, I was alone at home and I thought what better movie to look at than Bridget Jones. So here is what made me love it this much.

First of all, it was NOT a teenage love story. Nowadays all movies are aimed at teenagers, although that is nice and all that, romance is different in the ’30s and I feel like I haven’t seen that many movies for this particular category lately, or the ones that I did see, were unrelated to the subject of love after a certain age.

Bridget’s struggle with weight. Another subject that is now treated very differently is one of the women’s weight. I am not going to enter the debate of loving your body as it is, but I will say that many if not most of us keep a constant battle with the kilograms/pounds and yes, most of us love to add it to the New Year’s Eve resolution list. Another yes, is that we forget about the list as soon as January is over.

Parent’s obsessive questions related to personal love life. When you are single and no longer in your ’20s parents do try to find out why you are single and if you are trying to hide anyone from them. If there is none then they will try to set you up with a friend of a friend because they just have to try.

Men are rude. Just as the two male subjects of the movie, men are sometimes rude and say all sorts of mean things. Just as Darcy offended Bridget with his comments on the Turkey party and Daniel on the smirky comments from the work messages. Even if she tries not to get offended, the behavior is not ok. (Please note that the reverse scenarios is also true when women do it)

Getting cold feet is a true story. After agreeing to go to the party where her parents will be, Daniel gets scared and runs away to meet with the other woman, because why not. In the real world of dating, having someone get the cold feet is pretty common and also the part with running away to someone else.

Sometimes there is no love at first sight. Darcy doesn’t fall in love with Bridget in the first moment that they met, but after getting to know her, another real-life scenario. That whole love, at first sight, is sometimes only present in Hollywood movies, in the real-life, it might happen over time and once you get to really know the other person for more than 5 seconds.

Your friends are not perfect, yet you love them. Just as Bridget’s friends, our real ones are not perfect, they have flaws yet we love them just the way they are. Same goes the other way around, perfection and #squadgoals are not what you should value in a friend, but the ability to be there for you when you need them to.

Not knowing whom to chose. There is a moment when Bridgit didn’t know what to chose and who is right between the two men fighting in front of her building, well chances are in your lifetime there will be a time when you need to choose and you will never have the guarantee that you will take the correct decision. In the end, Bridget does, but chances are you will not and it will be ok.

Have to admit it’s been years since I’ve seen a movie so good, perhaps it is better that I got to see it now when the ’30s are knocking on my door and not back then since it’s possible that I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. It’s a recommendation that I make to all my single girls out there who think they are alone in this, they are not BTW.


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