Bucketlist for Traveling Experiences

As I returned a few days ago from my trip to Prague, I thought about the travel experiences that I have on my to-do list for the upcoming years. If until now I wanted to see as much as possible from the globe no matter the country, now I want the unique experiences that are present only in certain places.


When you want to travel as much as you can, there are certain limitations that you need to overcome, the most common one is the budget. Since we all have to pay rent and eat, traveling has to come second. This is the reason I am sometimes traveling to my second best destinations where I found a good deal on the plane tickets or a direct flight from my home town or a great price for the accommodation. But I do have a list of experiences that I wanted to have once in a lifetime and I try to get at least one done each year. For 2019 that experience will be visiting Egypt and doing scuba-diving in the Red Sea, in 2018 was visiting an exotic country like Thailand, seeing the temples and eating Thai food, in 2017 it was visiting Disneyland Paris and so on.

So the following items are on my list for the years to come, hopefully, I can include more than one in a year, so fingers crossed for 2020. Photo credit to Pixabay.

1.  Zanzibar’s blue water and lunch at The Rock, Zanzibar


2. Fly with the hot air balloon over Cappadocia, Turkey


3. See the aurora borealis, Iceland


4. Ride a pink vintage car on the streets of Havana, Cuba


5. See the cherries blooming in Osaka, Japan


6. See a cabaret show at Moulin Rouge in Paris, France


7. Scuba-diving in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia


8. The Great Balinese Temples, Indonesia


9. Go on a cruise in the Caribbean Sea


10. Safari in Africa to see the animals where they belong (in the wild)

11. See the lemurs in Madagascar, Madagascar


12. Take a bath in an infinity pool overlooking Singapore, Singapore


13. Walk on The Great Wall of China, China


14. See the Great Canyon, US


15. Party on the streets of New Orleans, US


16. Hike to Machu Picchu, Peru


17. Watch the sunset in Santorini, Greece


18. The Great Temple of Petra, Jordan


19. Walk the streets of Marrakech, Morocco


20. Sunbathing on the flamingo beach, Aruba


I didn’t include the items that are already planned for this year, also, I skipped the countries that I would love to do a city break just to see the capitals or the landscapes, here I would include Lisabona, Madeira, Tenerife, Moscova, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami, Toronto, Rio de Janeiro, and many others.

Even though I know this list will change every year, I have to say that there are certain items that we should all try to do once in a lifetime. For me, it’s the ones stated on the list above, what are yours?



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