Types of Jeans You Need to Have

Whether you are a jeans addicted person, or you just have that few pairs of comfy, street style for the crazy days, we all have at least a few types of jeans in our closet. Here is my list of mandatory jeans you have to own.


1. Skinny jeans

Also my favorite kind, the skinny jeans are comfy and go well with about anything, from high heels to sports shoes. The must-have pair needs to fit you perfectly and have the correct length. I prefer the blue color since I think these can be used during summer and winter.


2. Black/white classic

These two pairs go into the capsule wardrobe that you need to have. The classic black jeans will go with almost everything, honestly when I ran out of ideas for what to wear I grab the black jeans and a loose shirt and there I go. The white ones are my favorite during the spring days, I am in love with the light colors that go so well with them.


3. Mom jeans

This pair might not be for all of us, but give it a chance before you say no to it. At first, I didn’t want to hear about them, weren’t really my style, but then I tried them on and fell for them almost instantly. Love the high waist and how these look in a street style. I like to add a sporty cross over bag and my trusted air-max.


4. Ripped jeans

My favorite type of jeans since high school, these are the one type that defines my personality. I love to wear them, I even do it with high heels or stilettos to give them a more refined look. I know for some this trashy look might not sound good, but trust me when I tell you that those will look great in any combination you want to create.


5. Boyfriend jeans

Even the most stylish celebrities have been seen wearing them and another great news, these types go with all figures, it doesn’t matter if you are tall and skinny, have a minion figure or the opposite of this, the boyfriend jeans will look great on you. I usually wear them on vacations or when I am out in the weekends, I feel like they are comfy and have that urban style that I fancy. Might not be your if you are into the vintage burlesque, but once you’ve tried them I think you would rather wear them when going on a plane than an unconformable dress.


As a kid I hated jeans, I don’t know why, but I just hated the fabric, as an adult, I cannot have enough of them. I guess it’s true what they say about mood switches since now I am not able to get out of jeans, they are my favorite item and I am not sorry about it.

2 thoughts on “Types of Jeans You Need to Have

  1. Yay for mom-jeans! I’ve grown to love them in the past years, and usually pair them with a waist knotted shirt and a cat-eye. Just goes to show you how versatile they are ❤️


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