Say No To Jeans 4 A Week

I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I feel as if I am married to my jeans. Every morning I would just open my closet, pick a pair of jeans, add a sweater and off I go. Even if I am a big fan of the street style, especially during the winter, I still think there is a way around the traditional uniform that I seem to embrace.

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So, for a full week, I decided to dress with anything but jeans, below are my picks:

1. Leather pants with a cashmere sweater

Outfit for Monday


For the cooler days, I like to choose one of my favorite materials, cashmere. I have a few of those in my closet and, obviously, I wear them with jeans, but the leather black pants are also a very good option.

I usually like to add the biker boots and the cross body leather bag, alongside the classic Tiffany’s necklace and bracelet.



2. Black sweater & a simple skirt with long socks



One of the casual looks that I love is made from the long socks that are visible even with the boots on.

For this outfit, I usually go for a very simple black sweater and a pink bag. I don’t add any other accessories since I think the bag and the socks are enough.




3. Sweater dress

Wednesday Outfit


I am not required to wear a certain dress code at the office but every time I know I have important meetings or I need to keep a speech I like to dress up a little bit. I love the wool sweater and how it looks with the long boots. I had this pair from River Island for over 5 years and I am still in love with them.

For accessories, I usually choose an elegant leather bag and a slim belt.


4. Skirt & t-shirt with a cardigan



A few months ago I stumbled upon the very cute t-shirt that I love to wear this with skirts. During the spring or fall, I don’t add the cardigan and I wear them with ankle boots but during winter I like to choose the high heel boots.

Since I think the main piece is the t-shirt I don’t add other accessories other than a small bag.




5. Leather skirt and a cashmere sweater

Friday Outfit


To finish the week in the same manner I choose a (duh) cashmere sweater with a leather skirt and ankle boots. Since it’s cold in the city during the winter I chose to add very dense thighs.

As for the accessories, I only add one of my favorite bags, a black Guess.




6. Leggings (very dense more like pants) with an oversized, long sweater

Saturday Outfit


For the weekend, I usually love to stick to the street relaxed style, so to replace the jeans I went for a pair of leggings, an oversized royal blue sweater and a pair of leather boots.

Over the sweater I love to add the long silver chain from Tiffany’s and to complete the outfit I add the Burberry’s vintage bag.




7. Sporty dress

Sunday Outfit


What better way to finish the week than with a sporty dress and a pair of Timberlands? Since this year Mikey had his 90th birthday, most of the brands added him to their collection. Happens that Mikey was one of my favorite cartoons so I love the childhood reminder.

The only accessory that I added was the leather backpack with the kitten ears, to complete the sporty and childish outfit.


8. Back-up outfit: Elegant shirt and skirt

Back-up Outfit


I also added a back-up outfit because it sometimes happens for me to hold the technical interviews and this is when I like to be dressed up in a more formal manner. Therefore, I went for a silky shirt and a long elegant skirt and a pair of ankle boots.

For the accessories, I added a golden necklace, a blue bag with a red scarf and a blue watch. I know a bit boring :-p.



I have to admit it is hard for me to give up jeans for a full week since for me they are the definition of comfort. Unfortunately, it happens for them to become like a uniform and at least in my case, end up to be in every outfit that I wear for weeks, especially in the wintertime when it’s cold and snowy outside. It was nice to go around the jeans and yet achieve the same casual look.

2 thoughts on “Say No To Jeans 4 A Week

  1. Absolutely love the looks, they are spot on and offer plenty of inspiration for days when you want to eschew jeans. I think we could all challenge ourselves to step out of our usual “uniforms” every now and again.

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