Important Things You Have To Know About The Traveling Virus

Not all of us have it, but the numbers of those infected are increasing every year if it wouldn’t be this beneficial maybe a cure would be sought. Perhaps it’s because of the internet era and the access to information, or it’s the Instagram posts that make us what to be infected, the one thing is sure, more and more people are getting this virus of exploring the world, and it’s contagious.



When I was a kid I heard my parents talking about people who went abroad working and that when they came back they were unable to adapt, they wanted to leave once again and travel so more. My father made an analogy with a virus and said that those who caught it, will never be able to leave in a single place all their life. Years later I finally understood what he meant. Tasting the freedom will change your DNA and will make you addicted to that feeling.

For me it all started with the desire to go to America with Work and Travel program, I struggled to save the money needed to apply, but in June 2011 I got the Visa on my passport and left for Boston. Even if the experience wasn’t a very pleasant one and I found out that even the “greatest” place on Earth can be a s*tty one, something change in the way I saw my country when I came back. I started to compare things and realized that I want to see more, explore more, learn more about other cultures. It was then that the traveler in me awakens, years later this virus makes me incapable of saving money for anything other than plane tickets and travel expenses.

Traveling made me far more efficient in packing and excepting that picture perfect doesn’t exist. It made me realize that comfort has priority over fancy looking and that the best moment in life will never be captured exactly on the camera. Learned that sometimes that perfect vacation can turn into a nightmare if you are not prepared properly for it, I got sunburned, sunstroke, back pains, food poising, and so many other complications while I was away.

You would think that unfortunate experience will make one change his mind, but it doesn’t it just adds up to the adventure. Months later when you remember the things that made you go crazy, you just laugh and know you would do it again, if you were offered the opportunity. You learn to deal with events like this and even be cool about it happening, it becomes part of your lifestyle and so is getting out of your comfort zone. I would lie if I say I love to fly when there are big turbulence, but I learned to adapt to them, to go to my happy place and to be confident that the pilots know what they are doing, regardless of me worrying.

Just like wine, it gets better in time and I am still learning how to enjoy the moment for what if offers me. With every trip, I uncover more land and meet new cultures, learn more about our planet and our people. Maybe the best and most important lesson is about accepting people as they are and fight for equality.






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