Book Review: Sorry, I Have to Go by Agnès Martin-Lugand

If you have been following the book reviews posts that I made in the last months you already know that I am in love with Agnès’s writing style. My reviews on her other 2 books: Happy People Read and Drink Coffee and Don’t Worry Life is Easy can be found in the attached links. In her new book, she tells the story of Yael, a party girl from college that now lost her self in work getting everyone worried about her health.


I hope I got your attention and you are curious about the workaholic’s story. Yael and her group of friends used to go out all the time and promise each-other they will never leave work get between them. After graduating from college and getting an internship at a translation company, Yeal lands the job when she expected the least. At the about same time, Marc one of her best friends vanishes from Paris and leaves the group without a goodbye. leaving her heartbroken and confused.

Ten years later, Yael is now a professional translator and helps with mitigation of businesses, she is what you would call an office b*tch that everyone hates. Her life only includes her work, she is in the office at 8 and leaves it at 10pm, barely has time to see her friends and her sister. Even when she agrees to meet them she is glued to the phone and usually leaves earlier to take care of work-related issues.

As soon as her boss propose her to become a partner at the firm, Yael starts working, even more, taking on more responsibilities, exhausting herself, making her eating disorder worst, she no longer sees anyone and is in the office all time driving her colleagues crazy.  At the same time, she runs into Marc, the old friend from their gang that disappeared after college leaving her waiting for him at a concert. Even if he explains what happened back then and apologizes for not having the guts to tell them all goodbye, Yael still doesn’t forgive him, but she does reunite him with the others.

Invited to a vacation with her sister’s at their childhood vacation home, she first declines, but then it’s forced by her boss to take a vacation and ends up just like in college with the squad. If her friends will help her lose up, enjoy the vacation and let go of the phone, or if an old flame will be reborn you will have to find out on your own by reading Agnès’s book.

Maybe it is because I somehow see myself in Yael since I am a bit of a workaholic myself, but I loved the book Sorry, I Have to Go the most. I will give away the fact that the end of the book is a happy one, but to get there our character has to go through hell and back. A great lesson for anyone who likes to lose himself in work and forget that the most important things cannot be bought and are not about a job. Unfortunately, I don’t know if the book was yet translated into English, but it can be found in French and Romanian.

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