Being Responsible vs Living The Moment?

Responsible versus reckless, what is the best path? Should you hold the world on your shoulders or be as innocent as a kid, playing until the end of life. If there is anything that I envied in others is their ability to live from one day to another, to be able to stay calm when they have no idea what they will do tomorrow, if they would still have something to work or to eat. Me, I am the crazy responsible person, Monica of the gang, the one that has to know where she stands, where the next paycheck is coming from and never have any bills pending.


If you are alike, responsible and a perfectionist in all you do, you might wonder how the other side lives like that. But I am here to tell you about a paradox in psychology: most people feel good when doing something that is the opposite of their character. So for a control freak, losing control is their biggest fear and the biggest relief.

From a personal example, I am always responsible for paying the bills and the rent, but when it comes to shopping, I completely lose control and love that feeling. Never actually using a credit card or borrowed money, but always spending all I gain, making it impossible to save. To me getting that plane ticket, purse, jewelry or pair of shoes is what brings me an immediate rush of adrenaline.

As years go by, I keep on expecting to become either completely irresponsible or an adult that is able to keep her finances in place and afford her own house, but neither of these is happening, I keep on going to the extremes and dreaming how it would be if I took I leap of faith and quit my job to travel full time or to invest all my time in writing or in painting.

A new generation of indecisive people, that is what I’ve been told, but I think we really are a generation of dreamers held back by fears and past experiences. If you ask me, I would say the best way to live your life is enjoying the present day and I completely admire those who do it at full speed. Never heard of someone who is remembered by the fact that he always paid his or her duties on time, but more about those who took the risk and followed their hart.  My relief is traveling and shopping, what is yours?

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