Shopping in Malaga, Spain

As you guys already know I am passionate about my traveling but just as passionate about my shopping. Some would call it an addiction, but I like to call it a hobby and a way of expressing myself. I thought it would be nice to take you with me, on my journey through the world and what I brought home with me.


Last month I went to southern Spain, to Malaga one of the most beautiful city’s from Costa del Sol, more about my trip you can find here. Apart from having the greatest time I also brought home a few things, since I didn’t have that much time at my disposal, I was only able to get a handful of items. If you were to find yourself in the city please keep in mind that all of the shops and malls are closed on Sunday, the Spanish people are serious about their time off, so prepare to hit the shops during the week and not on Sunday as I did.

In the second day, as we went to the Malagueta beach for our coffee we were surprised by a local fair that was taking place close to the seashore, lots of locals had their goodies displayed for the tourists to buy. What brought my attention were two leather bracelets that were 1 euro each, loved the drownings of one of them and the lock of the other, perfect for a summer outfit.


Also from a lady that was selling things on the street, I brought the most beautiful fans, one is just like the flamenco girls have and the other, a gorgeous blue. Both of them look manually painted and have that Spanish vibe that I love. If you find yourself looking for a souvenir I strongly recommend the traditional fans, these were 5 euros for the both of them. Another thing that I love is the postcards made from photos or from paintings, call me old fashioned, but I just love to browse through the places I’ve been in an album.


Since I wanted to do my shopping on Sunday when all the stores were closed, I was only able to get a few hours to look around and I went to Primark, a very convenient store that I love to visit when I am in Europe. When shopping here pay attention to the material of the items, stay clear of the ones that are 100% polyester especially during the summer. What I brought home with me from here were 2 amazing tops, one with a beautiful pattern and a white one, each of them was under 10 euros.


For the most pretentious ones, the city center is filled with all the big brands and also they have 3 malls nearby. Everything is within walking distance so the only thing you need to bring is comfortable shoes.

I left Malaga a bit disappointed from the shopping perspective since I expected to find a few more traditional items, rather than the ordinary touristic stuff that is brought from China. Maybe for those of you who want to see the big brands, it will be a fantastic shopping destination, for me, it had a minus on this side, but a major plus of the fact that it is not crowded with tourists.

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