How Much It Costs You To Be Nice?

Today as I walked down the street to my favorite coffee place I looked around and I saw a lot of unhappy people rushing to work, with a long face and a get out of my way look. We are so sucked into our own drama that we forget to smile and enjoy life. How much does a smile cost or a decent behavior in the world where everything has a price?


I got to the bar at the same time as a different girl that almost screamed at the bartender that she was first and demanded to be served immediately since she is in a hurry, after giving the orders she returned to her phone only to lift the eyes when the coffee was ready. After she left I smiled at the bartender and kindly asked him for my latte, we chatted for 5 minutes and left the coffee shop with a positive vibe. I am not judging the girl in front of me since I was her so many times, yet it gave me such a good feeling to chitchat with someone random about the weather and it cost me nothing at all.

In the morning when I go to the office and meet the cleaning lady in the hallway I chat with her for a few minutes, I ask her about her kids and what she did in her free time. My problems and tasks can wait for 5 minutes, they will still be there. It’s not even about being nice, it’s about acting human. If there is something that I hate that is people how to look down on others just because they think they are entitled to more.

Acting nice, offering a smile and making small talk can make a huge impact on the way people react to you. What you put out there is what you will receive back. It costs you absolutely nothing to act like a grownup and to be polite. Even the saddest or the angriest person can respond in a pleasant way when presented with kindness and a smile. As for a trick that you can use for a change of attitude, make that person a compliment, you will see the surprised look, followed by the joy of being faltered, the only key is to be genuine. Give it a try, it’s free! 😉

2 thoughts on “How Much It Costs You To Be Nice?

  1. Girl, so much love for this article! I’ve been surprised more than a couple of times by just how much impact a kind word, a smile or a calm, de-escalating attitude can have. We really all just want a little kindness 🙂

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