Brands: Quality With A Trademark, Or Just A Fancy Logo?

Being in the Quality Assurance business it’s my job to look for flows, whether that is in the code, the websites or in other industry’s. When it comes to perfection the famous brands seem to be always the answer, but is it like this or is it just perfect marketing?


The commercials will always want to falter you, to play your ego and tell you that buying an exclusive product will make you part of a special group. The most aggressive ones are for cars or luxury watches, but even the common brands want you to feel “special”.  Clearly buying an item will not make you any different than you are, but is there a small piece of the truth behind these campaigns?

If I learned anything over the years is that a big price doesn’t guarantee you the quality, but the small price will definitely give you no quality at all. So this takes us to the big brands that advertise the perfection for their items. I am a declared fan of a few of them since it proved that their items pass the time test. One of those brands is Tiffany’s, I truly believe that when it comes to jewelry they are one of the best, clearly at a huge price.


For electronics I love Apple, I know that some people find them expensive and less efficient, but for me, these proved to be sustainable. Since I don’t change my phone, laptop or tablet based on the latest release, but on the fact that the old one broke, I found that you use them for a very long time. To give an example, I had the iPad 2 since 2012 and it’s still working, also my MacBook Air is from 2014 and it’s still doing its job very well.


Another big brand that I am a fan of is the UGG and their famous classic boots, I know the story behind it is now a pretty one and even though they sell their boots as Australian ones, they are made in China, the product does come with a special quality: comfort! So during the winter, I love the casual look the UGG’s are giving me. Yet I fantasize about buying the real deal from an Australian shop.


There are other brands that I fancy like Burberry and their pattern, Jimmy Choo and the golden sandals, Christian Louboutin and the So Kate black stiletto and the list could go on for days. Yet I don’t rush into those stores and buy their products because I am not 100% sure they are worth the price. When you are paying for things with the precious years of your youth, it becomes clear that sometimes you need to think twice before handing over the credit card.

One question still haunts me, are all the famous brands worth their money? Or are we brainwashed into spending it all to have the trademark on us? They say an item will cost as much as someone is willing to pay for it. That story might be very true when it comes to diamonds, but I don’t own any, so I don’t want to have an opinion of this. Yet I do love a lot of things that come with a fancy label and I keep on wondering if I am looking for perfection in the wrong places.

All the big designers or brands started small so I think it’s best to look for the perfection of the items ignoring the label and focus on the quality of the materials and if these can pass the test of time. You might be surprised by the variety of items you can find at a common-sense price. As for when you want to have that special piece that costs a fortune, do your homework and see where you can purchase it to be original, yet at a decent price.

For me what worked was finding a couple of boutiques and online shops that gave the material quality that I wanted for a decent price. One of these is the Mango Outlet and Sports Direct online stores.  Also when I travel abroad I always visit Primark, if you look closely at the composition of the clothes you will be able to find some pretty decent deals. Whenever I visit Italy, I look for leather stores since these are very popular in the peninsula.

For the Romanian market, there is Fashion Days online store that has some great deals for smaller designer clothes, especially during the sales period. This is the place I bought a pair of Bailey Buttons UGGs for just 110$ and a Ted Baker purse for 170$.


Lastly, I found from my best friend Silvia, from MyStyle5, a couple of really nice online outlets and some very useful tips on how to create a designer’s wardrobe without going bankrupt.

There are many ways you can find that statement piece that would make you stand out, yet it is not the logo of a brand that will do that for you, but the design of the item, the quality and, most important, your attitude. A Rolex on a pig, will not change the pig into a gentleman, yet a Fossil on a gentleman will make some panties drop. So shop wisely and don’t get caught in the marketing trap.

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