Tiffany’s: A 90’s Obsession

Who hasn’t heard of the famous Return to Tiffany collection? Even the kids nowadays know about the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie and the notorious store. For those of us who were born in the ’90s, having jewelry from the brand was a dream, especially for the non-American ones. Even if it would come at an enormous cost, we still wanted to be Elle Woods for a day.


As time passed by, the new trends came and somehow we manage to forget about the old jewelry. Now it’s all about Pandora and their expensive items, if you ask 10 random girls to show you their writs, chances are 8 of them have the charm bracelet.

Since I am a 90’s b*tch, my obsession never really changed and when I finally got my hands on the Return to Tiffany necklace, I felt as if I have conquered the world. The fragile piece is so beautiful that I couldn’t take it off, until now.

No, I am not betraying the brand, I just got my hands on some new items from them. It all started when I found a new app that allows you to post items for sale in a very user-friendly manner, I will not name the app since I know for sure you all have your “trusted” one. So as I was just testing the newly discovered ground, I thought why not search for Tiffany and so I found the pieces I have been dying to buy ever since I was a teenager. But before I wound ‘seal’ the deal, I made a little investigation about the fake market, one that I totally despise, I prefer buying something pre-owned, then fake. I know it’s tough to find out, but you have to do your research.

And so I found a lot of very useful articles that tell you all about how to spot a fake. I will name here only a few that I also got to see on the market: the letter arrangement and the way it’s imprinted, the space between the words, the chain links, the material and of course the seller. The one thing that I thought I could trust is the price, I never buy the cheapest item, but since the Romanian market is not the best place to sell this type of jewelry, I was impressed by the deals I could get.

I know for some of you this article will make your eyes roll, but we all had that childhood obsession that made us behave like kids, even when we are clearly not in that spot anymore. Therefore, I am more than happy with the gift I got myself for my 28th birthday, I have to say that 4 original Return to Tiffany pre-owned items cost me as much as a single new one, so if you are still searching for your teenage crush, make sure you do your search and research.


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