Reasons #not To Cheat

A few days ago I saw that one of the visitors from my blog ended up here after searching an answer to the question “reasons not to cheat”.  So I thought I should address this here and now, my top 7 reasons never to cheat, even when it looks like the best answer.


  • If you found yourself asking this question then you are half-lost, but not completely

When in doubt give it a few days to rest, see if you still feel the same urge to do this, or if were you just upset. We all have that moment when we would love to turn back time and have some fun, but again those days were not that great either if you think about the lonely nights. Don’t rush into something that you will regret later.

  • Cheating never solved the initial problem, it’s like only smelling a pizza when you are starving

If you feel that you are no longer happy with your current partner and you feel there is no turning back, then it’s time to call it quits. Cheating will not make things work between the two of you, will not bring back the fire, but will only make you even more confused. Take a break and figure out if there is still something that you can save from your current partnership, or if it’s time to pack the bags.

  • You will have to live with the guilt and since you are looking for reasons not to do this, means you already feel guilty

You might think it will be easy to go back to your house and bed after laying in a different one, but you will be surprised at the amount of guilt that can be build from that.

  • You will hurt the person you are currently with and the damage might be permanent

Sooner or later the truth will come out, you will make a mistake and your partner will find out. From that moment you will know that your relationship is doomed. Even if he or she will say that they forgive you, they will never do it. Put yourself in their shoes, how would you feel?

  • Relationships are built on respect and communication so don’t jeopardize those

In time the butterflies that you felt in the first years will die and will leave only the respect and friendship. The only way you can grow these 2 aspects is by communicating with your significant other and when times are bad that is what you should do, talk about the problems.

  • It might look like love what you feel for the new guy or girl but it might be just lust

After a while, in relation, you might want to feel the butterflies again and some innocent flirting could possibly take you there. You could get the impression that you are madly in love and that is your *new soulmate, but 99% of the time, what you are feeling is lust, so don’t throw away what you have for something that most likely will not last.

  • There are no such things as happily ever after, you need to create that yourself but that means that you cannot run into the hands of someone new when you are feeling blue

All fairy tales end when the two get together, none tells you what happens after 10 years, or after 20 years, 2 kids and financial problems. The honeymoon phase only lasts a few years, after that there will be times when you would want to run away to Paris and hide there, but before you pack your bags see if you can bring someone else with you.

From time to time we all feel lost and it is them when we start looking for some new purpose. We want to feel the chills and some adrenaline in our veins, and let’s face it, there is no bigger rush than lust, but that feeling won’t last, you will be just like a junky increasing the dosage to feel the same thrill. Have a change of scenery with your current partner and see if there is still something left to save. Go on vacation and asses if you are still in love, if not walk away! You have the right to be happy and if this person isn’t making you happy, then you should find a new one, but only after letting this one go.

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