Book Review: Don’t Worry, Life is Easy by Agnès Martin-Lugand

If you read and liked Agnès’s first book, Happy People Read and Drink coffee, the review can be found here, then you would definitely want to know what happened to Diane after her return to Paris. Beware, the review contains major spoilers, especially from the previews book.


Back in Paris, our beloved character resurrected the literary café with the help from Felix, also she managed to buy the place from her parents that never trusted her with being able to take care of herself or of the coffee shop. As time passes she even forgets about her time in Mulranny and about Edward, with whom she didn’t have contact in almost a year.

As days go by a new customer catches her eyes and her heart, Oliver, a kind man that makes his way towards Diane’s heart with a warm and comfortable approach. As their connection becomes more serious and they think about moving in together, they have a very odd encounter at a photography exposition with nonother than Edward. After begging him to visit her at the cafe, he comes and brings bad news from Ireland, where Abby the landlord of her former home and Edward’s aunt is severely ill, leaving their whole family devastated.

When hearing the news, Diane finally builds up her courage and calls her Irish family. Abby asks one last favor, for her to come and see her in Ireland. After placing the coffee shop in the hands of Felix with supervision from Oliver, the little french, as they used to call her, finds herself on the plane to Mulranny to relive the feelings she once had for that place.

Abby is suffering from a terminal phase of heart disease, but her spirit is left untouched, Jake is by her side and is helping her go through this. Edward finds out he has a 5-year-old son, whose mother passed away a few months ago and only told him about his existence before her death. The parenting life took him by surprise and he doesn’t quite know how to handle the new role and how to ease up the pain little Declan is feeling after losing his mother. All of this news makes Diane relive what she felt when she lost her own daughter and husband.

Thorn between the normal and easy life she has in Paris alongside Oliver and the comfort from Mulranny with Edward, Diane will soon face a difficult decision. Will Abby’s passing away finally make Diane decide to give her new family a chance and come back to Ireland, this time for good? Or will she choose to stay in Paris? To find the answer you need to put your hands on Agnès’s book.

The theme of the last book is still present in the story even if the names change. Dealing with death is one of the lives most difficult moments and the way Agnès Martin-Lugand explains the human feelings will make you live the drama alongside her characters. Once the story starts you will not be able to let it go until you find out how it ends. The only thing that I can tell you, is that it’s a happy end, so live it with Diane.



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