Book Review: Sex and the City by Candace Bushnell

After almost 20 years since the first episode of Sex and the City aired on HBO, I decided that is time to finish the book and made the amazing TV show come to life. I got the book a while ago, started to read it but ended up dropping it because it made me even more depressed than I was. If the series has a funny yet positive vibe, the book is just a collection of really sad stories from the love life of the people from New York.


For me, New York City is one of the most amazing places on earth so you can imagine that I don’t like to see or read bad things about it, but I decided to give Candace’s book another shot and I was determined to finish it this time. The voice of the book is not Carries, but one of her friends that we never find out who she is, all we know is that she has contact with all the important people from Manhattan. The group of 4 best friends that is pictured in the show doesn’t really exist, they know each other, or at least their names appear in the book, but they don’t all hang out at the same time.

The main character Carrie is pictured as a shallow person, she meets Mr. Big at the beginning of the book and breaks up with him at the end, after a very intense and toxic relationship, where she is as guilty as he is for the outcome. She is still a writer yet she is not the one to write the famous column and she evens gives up her career when she meets Big. Samantha is not the strong and sexual being either, furthermore, she is desperate o get into a relationship and have a boyfriend. As about Charlotte and Miranda, their name appears in the book more like stories of unfortunate attempts to find someone.

The love life of New Yorkers is described as sad, shallow, driven by toxic bachelors and desperate women that are dying to get married to the richest person they can find. Apart from drinking and taking drugs, these people are always sad and looking for someone to share their bad habits.

Maybe if I haven’t seen and loved the HBO series as much as I did, the book might’ve been more appealing. I wouldn’t advise anyone to read it while they are single and looking for someone since you will end up in depression and under the impression that the idea of love is not real. So this will be the first time when I would advise everyone to look at the series and consider the book unrelated to it, for me, the only resemblance was the name of some characters.

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