The Exclusive Club of the Married ones

Being in my late 20’s, naturally, I have a lot of friends that are either married, getting married or having kids. Although this is part of life and in a traditionalist society mandatory to happen, for me, marriage is not, and probably will never be, the most important event in my life.

Locks bridge Paris

Talking to one of my friends who got married last year, she pointed out how things changed after she said “yes” and how she now became part of this exclusive club where only married people are allowed. Furthermore, she tried to convince me that I should persuade my boyfriend to propose so that we could officially join this club.

I couldn’t help myself from being amused when I heard yet another story about the superiority of the married ones. Unfortunately, many of these fancy club members, not long after the big event, ended up going to another exclusive club, those of the mistresses, only to take a break from the other club that isn’t making them happy anymore.

To me, marriage is a tradition, similar to the Christmas tree, nice to have but not mandatory! I can have an amazing Christmas even without the tree! If I choose to have one is only because that is making ME happy and not because I should do it for society or for joining a club.

When a couple decides to go through this process, they should be at that point in their relationship where they are happy and stable. They should definitely NOT try to fix their relationship using marriage and should never think that they are about to become the owners of the other person. The “marriage” paper will not be tattooed on the other’s person’s face, so this is not a guarantee that he/she is now “officially” yours.

Feeling superior only because you are now married, is just wrong and disrespectful to the “other” kind, this will only create a gap between single and married people. Being single is not a synonym for being unhappy, I’ve seen far more unhappy people in a relationship, official or not, than single ones. On Earth, there is plenty of space for both camps, so there is no need for taking sides, if you are happily married then I am happy, just try not to convince me to join you, I know better than you what is making ME happy.



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