When your job no longer fits you

An adult life is defined by the fact that you need to be independent and, for those of us who weren’t born rich, to have a job. If at the beginning of the career you only wish someone will employ you and give you some money at the end of the month after a few years you start looking for a job that is not making you cry every morning. So when is the time to leave the comfort zone and make a change?

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For over 5 weeks I have been struggling with frustration due to some of the corporate shit that made me end up crying after getting home. At first, it was the promotion of a colleague just because he was “with the company for so many years”, then it was the sending him to the client side to show off one of the projects that I have worked on, I came up the idea and I fought for the tool to be brought and my colleague got promoted and sent to present it as if it was a “joined” effort.

After that episode that got me angry as f*ck, the second one came around. In May I had a renegotiation made on the contract and I was promised an organizer role in the team that was planned to be created. After 3 months, the team was finally created, but I wasn’t given the role because I needed to “help up my colleague with his promotion”. This was the final drop in the glass that was more than full for a while now. So I did what any other normal person would have, I look for a new job!

The opportunity presented itself really fast, after 2 weeks I had an amazing new offer, a leading position, and an amazing salary! But yet I felt like hell, I started crying and I didn’t want to leave the comfort zone of my current job, although I was angry all the time. Luckily I had my boyfriend and my girls to “kick my butt” and force me to sign my resignation letter. And so I accepted the offer and I am now waiting for the next chapter in my professional life to begin.

So when is the time to make a change? Well, the answer is whenever your current employer lets you down, mistreats you or when your job is no longer making you happy. Clearly, I am not advising any of you to leave before having a different offer, although if your current employer abuses you in any way, that is the only way to go. Most of us are stuck with jobs we don’t like, where we are not appreciated for our work or where others take advantage of us, but that is only because we chose to stay!

Adult life is also about taking risks and responsibility for our actions! We no longer can blame the others for the unfortunate events, especially from work. It is hard to leave the comfort and security of a job that you got accustomed to, but you need to constantly make a check on whether this is the right path for you. Are you making constant progress? Are you learning new things? Do you feel that your work is valued? Do you get paid enough for your work? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you need to make a change!

YES, it is scary! YES, it is OK to be reticent towards change! YES, you are allowed to cry! YES, you are allowed to be selfish! YES, you are entitled to ask for what is yours! What you are not allowed to do, is to let yourself be guilt trapped by leaving!!! The manager will want you to stay, especially if you were doing a good job and you were a reliable person. He/she will use every weapon they have to force you to stay, will offer you a lot of “best deals” and most likely will make you feel bad for leaving. I was told that it was unprofessional of me to leave the company when they were counting on me, the fact that they didn’t keep their promises and that they presented my work as someone else’s was OK from their point of view.

When it comes to the professional life you always need to take the decisions cold hearted. In business is all about what is good for you! Also if you are selling your time to others, make sure you are making the best deal for you, no one will pay you to build up your dream so you need to stay focused on what is making you happy and what is building your career. Work to build-up your dream, not to make other people happy and wealthy.


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