Life is all about choices

From time to time I like to think about the way my life would have been if at a specific moment in time I would have taken a different decision. I know if I were to do it again, I would do it exactly as I did, yet it is interesting to know how easily the path would have changed if only once, I would have chosen differently.



As humans, we can define ourselves as the sum of all our choices. Good or bad, selfish or childish, evil or thoughtless, we are defined by the mistakes or the good ideas that we followed in life. Regrets are often born from the wrong choices, but we need to keep in mind that at a specific moment in time, that was our decision and that made us happy, or so we thought.

For all the control freaks out there, including myself, the only thing we can really control in life are the decisions that we make when facing life events. Thinking or worrying about things we can’t control, like the opinion or decisions of others, the weather, the government, the neighborhood etc. will only make us anxious and irritable.

Whether you like to consult yourself with others or taking your decisions on your own, it is important to focus on your intuition and have your best interest at heart, the rest will follow. The worst decisions you’ll take will teach you the most valuable lessons and will give you the knowledge needed to make the right ones in the future.  


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