The real woman still exists

If last time I talked about the real man, it is only fair to also talk about the real women from our times. It is easy to say that cavalry is dead when we forget to be the ladies that we ought to be.


So what are the characteristics of a real woman? Well, we can only learn that from men, so naturally, I asked around to find out what are the attributes of the real women that they met and fell in love with. Here is the list that came out of it:

1. She is confident enough to be natural! #nofilterneeded

2. Independent and capable of taking care of herself, doesn’t need/want a sugar daddy!

3. She is smart enough to keep a conversation running.

4. She knows how to receive a gift and appreciate the effort, even when it is small or not exactly what she wanted.

5. Playful and optimistic, sometimes even a little bit childish.

6. Team player who knows how to split the chores between the two partners, she should not expect him to do everything around the house.

7. Mature enough to know when she was wrong and apologize for it.

8. She should know how to dress accordingly to any occasion.

9. She knows how to remain a lady and take care of herself even after years of relation.

10. She is considerate of her partner’s needs and wishes.

As you can see their list is a lot briefer and compact, men get straight to the point and know exactly the type of women they are attracted to. Clearly, there are many other characteristics that could be added to it depending on each person, but you should really work on the points from above since these are the most common that I found between their description.

We all have multiple soul mates out there, it is only a matter of time until we cross paths with one of them. Be the person you would like to fall in love with.






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