The real man still exists

In a world made of false appearances and fake profiles is hard to find real men in the traditional sort of way. It is odd to see that the ones that are gentle and caring are usually gay and that became a standard for the heterosexual ones to be cruel and sometimes even bully’s because they want to show the world they are the “real” alpha males.


Although they are fewer and fewer, the real men still exist and you can still find them if you look close enough. But how will you recognize them? IMO the perfect guys are :

1.  The ones that look you in the eyes, not cleavage, when you are talking and will never publicly undress you with their “hungry” eyes.

2. The ones that call/text you back as soon as they see your message/call and genuinely what to spend time with you in real life.

3. The ones that bring you flowers just because it is Thursday, not because they are trying to reconcile with you.

4. The ones that are there for you when you need them, holding you in their arms when you are down.

5. The ones that love the way you look in the morning with no makeup.

6. The ones that are not ashamed to hold your purse or buy you tampons, they are not afraid their masculinity is endangered by these acts.

7. The ones that will NEVER physically or emotionally abuse you, if things are not working they will call it quits before hurting you.

8. The ones that are not frightened by you past asking about your ex-lovers number or details about your past relationships.

9. The ones that are not afraid to talk about the future.

10. The ones that go public about you and present you to their friends and family.

11. The ones that are making you laugh.

12. The ones that know your darkest secrets and still respect you.

You might be tempted to say that these guys are only in fairy tales, but you are wrong. I was lucky enough to meet a few, date a few, have my heart broken by a few, but in the end, respect the way they shaped me as a woman. All you need to do is to look harder for this characteristics and be open to date man that are not necessarily your type.



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