Time, Our Only Valuable Asset

If you were to ask old people about their biggest regrets, you would find out that they wish they would have spent their time differently. It doesn’t matter if they say they would have traveled more, spent more time with their families or just used more time for relaxation, the keyword of their saying is time and the management of time.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 17.04.37.png

When we are young we are under the impression that time is on our side, we even find ourselves wishing that it would pass faster so that we become those independent adults. It is only after we reach this, that we wish we would have enjoined childhood more.

We are so caught in the rat race of making money that we are forgetting that we are losing our only asset, time. This currency that we are using to buy all of that stuff, that we don’t even need, but we are made to believe that we cannot live without. There are a few that have passive earnings, most of us are selling our time for money that we end up using recklessly.

We often found ourselves telling others that we don’t have enough time for playing with our kids, spending time with our family, traveling, calling the ones we love, saying we are sorry and so on. And we end up on our death beds wishing we had more time.

Funny thing time, we have more than enough until we have none. For some, the time ends at 91, for others at 15, 25 or 55. You will never know how much you have left, so choose to spend it wisely. Experience life, read a good book, drink quality wine, travel to your dream destination, love, laugh, cry.

Don’t ever save something for later, or for special occasions, you might never get the time to have them. So make every day your special one, cause you never know when your hourglass runs out of the sand.

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