Book review: What I Wish I Knew When I was 20 by Tina Seelig

The perfect book to take on the summer vacation, it will make you both smile and say “Aha!”. Tina’s book is mainly a collection of successful life stories that would give you the positive energy you deserve this season!

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Tina Seelig is a professor at the Stanford School of Medicine and she has a Pd.D. in neuroscience, but her manner of writing is perfect for any level of reader. Personally, I devoured her book in 2 days in my vacation and I strongly recommend you to go through her stories at least once for an easier transition to adulthood.

It is divided into 10 chapters, each of which has a key story revolving around the title. Furthermore, the author combines both scientific explanations with real-life stories, from her personal experiences, from her friends or her student’s life. Learning from the best is a unique opportunity and I can tell you that you will find yourself in many of the situations she is describing.

Learning to challenge yourself, to bend the rules to make yourself stand out of the crowd, to take on challenges even when the world tells you to stop, to learn to embrace failure as a much-needed experience, to never miss an opportunity, to protect and enhance your reputation or to embrace problems when they appear, are just a couple of the subjects that you will find in the book.

My favorite line is “Never miss an opportunity to be fabulous!”, but to get to it, you first need to go through the first 9 chapters. Don’t worry it will be anything but hard and at the end, you will want to take advantage of any opportunity to be fabulous!

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