Elite Daily : From dream to disappointment

For quite a while I was a fan of the articles from Elite Daily, although they are sometimes shallow, I remained faithful to the publication. When I read on their website about the contributor’s team, I immediately applied to become one. At about same time I started to be very disappointed with them.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 10.59.24

I received both the acceptance as a contributor and the rejection letter. 

I first received the acceptance letter and the account details, but after a few hours, I also received a rejection letter (wtf???). I never actually knew which one was the mistake but I still got my account, so I decided to go with the flow.

My first submitted article was accepted for publication. 

You can imagine my surprise and the thrill that I got when I saw that the very first article submitted was set to be published on my favorite platform. After 2 weeks I got to see my name on the site and what looked like parts of my article, but not actually my article. The content was modified and my voice got changed. From the empowering voice that I had, I was now whining about happened to me. Although my disappointment was huge, I was still flattered by the fact that my article and name was up there.

I started to make my articles fit for them.

I found myself trying to make them like my writing. I settled my voice to a lower tone and I tried not to have a strong opinion. Furthermore, I felt really bad when my articles were denied without an explanation on the why. The more I tried to make my writing Elite Daily material, the more I hated what resulted and frustration was gathered as they rejected them.

There is no communication between the publishers and the contributors. 

The modifications were made without my consent and the publishers never spoke directly to me. The message regarding the subscribed article is either yes or no, no negotiations. Also after clicking send, you cannot modify or, in fact, see the article.

I got my account suspended with no explanation. 

The first article got published in February, the second one in April and in May I got my account suspended. I started working on a new piece, went on vacation and when I got back I could only see the admin profile page. Not the articles that I wrote, not the one in progress and no Add post button. I was confused, so naturally I sent an email to the addresses that I could find, after a week I received the email that I should have got a while ago, but they “missed” my email: They no longer accept contributors (they got bought by a different company with a new vision) and if I want I can apply for one of their part time / full-time jobs.

From the dream of becoming a contributor for what I thought was the coolest platform, I ended up with a sour taste of what this publication really is. The process was cold and the editors distant, I am happy that I got the opportunity to work with them, but I am definitely seeing Elite Daily a lot different now.


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