Life’s To Easy For You? Upgrade It By Dating @work!

Ever wondered what could you do to make your single life more miserable? Didn’t find it’s hard enough to be turned down by random people and wanted a daily reminder of a rejection? Or did you want to see your ex 9 hours a day? The answer to your prayers is here: date a colleague from work (or school – that will also do it).

Of course, he is cute and is making you laugh, especially in the morning when you are drinking your “so needed” coffee. Monday is making him blossom and all you want to hear from him are the magic words: “Will you go out with me?”. But is this worth the trouble?

A while ago I heard a myth that said the relationships that start between colleagues have more than 50% chances of ending in marriage. Well, I do not know who was the a*shole that said that, but I would really want to kick him, hard! I am not sure if he (I am 100% sure that is a he) was even in our time, but what I can tell you is that relationships that start between coworkers do not have higher chances. I believe the odds are kind-of the same as making a relation from Tinder or from a pickup bar work, but with a small difference: THE COMPLICATIONS.

There is an old saying “Don’t shit where you eat” and it cannot have a better appliance than in the matter of dating at work. Below you can find my 5 reasons why this is such a bad idea:

  • All eyes are on you

There is nothing juicier than gossip, and what better subject than the new romances from the office? Although you might think none is noticing, I can assure you that they do. The feminine intuition is working at full capacity and chances are, you are not the only one with the eyes on the prize. The loser will be the engine that runs the gossip machine and the others will also join for the entertainment.

  • It’s no longer your relation but your office’s relation

If you went out with him, everyone will assume it is on for the two of you. The jokes about you getting married, or tips about how awesome he is. You will see the smile on their faces as they pass you.

  • If it can go wrong, most likely it will

Murphy was definitely a wise man and the law from above will come to bite you on the behind when you are less expecting. Having to see your crush all the time (work & home) can bring a lot of pressure on the relationship, especially at the beginning so you might like to keep your happiness (and possibly later your sadness) to yourself. If you are getting into this, you must be 110% sure you are ready to settle down with this person.

  • It will affect your credibility

The fact that you mix work and pleasure will affect the way you are seen in the office. If you are dating someone that is higher than you in rank, you are seen as a gold digger, if that person is below you, then you are taking advantage of your position. If either of you is in a relationship, then you are both cheaters and so on. Even if you are on the same level and single, there will be a debate about who is better than who and if you two should be together.

  • If things go wrong, they will go all the way

Chances are that it might not work out for the two of you, and if that is the case, there will be a lot of drama to follow. First, you would see the pity in everyone’s eyes and they will not stop at only looking at you, they will want to comfort you with lots of remarks. You will also get to see him EVERY day and if you are on the same team, you would need to be professional about this (and let’s face it when PMS takes over its hard to be professional with guys that you didn’t sack, not to mention the other kind). And last but not least, you will get to see his new date and hear about his new adventure from all of your caring colleagues.


Yes, we all heard of the happy end stories with people who met at work and now are living their happily ever after but don’t forget the other type of stories, the ones you most likely laugh when it happened in your office. So my advice to you would be to stay clear of dating at work, the possible complications are not worth the trouble. But if you don’t want to take my word on it, go find out on your own about the benefits this can bring you!



2 thoughts on “Life’s To Easy For You? Upgrade It By Dating @work!

  1. mystyle5

    I totally laughed while reading this, it rings so much truth! But these cliches are still so actual for a reason, and that’s because people will never tire of dipping their toes into unknown waters and trying to disprove the rules.


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