Traveling: Unlocking Miskolc, the Hungarian Adventure

What better way to celebrate aging another year than going to the spa? And near the city of Miskolc, there is no ordinary spa, but the Cave Baths filled with thermal water. If you are planning to go to Hungary in the future, make sure you add an extra day to visit Miskolc, the 4th biggest city, you will be in for a treat.

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Placed on the northwestern side of Hungary,  it is approximately 200 km from Budapest and it is well known for its famous Cave Baths that attract tourists from all around the world. Although I wouldn’t schedule a visit to Hungary only for it, I definitely recommend add it to your itinerary if you are in the neighborhood. The national currency is the huff  (1 euro = 0.0032 ).

For accommodation you can choose to rent a room near the caves, the whole era is filled with renting houses and if you choose wisely you will be within walking distance from both the caves and the restaurants. And speaking of the later, make sure you order the famous Hungarian dish goulash while you are there.  As for the prices, we paid around 110 euros for 2 rooms with shared bathroom for 2 nights. The price for a meal for 2 persons will go around 16 – 20 euro and the portions are usually huge.

The entrance fee for the caves is 5,7 euro for a full day and to it, you can add extra options (like a sauna, massage etc.). Within the spa the number of sunbeds is limited and it can be a problem if it is a crowded day, but there are hangers to leave your towel all around the place. The water is cooler in the first 2-3 rooms but rises to about 35 Celsius degrees in the last chambers. In the last room, you can also find color therapy.

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We spent around 5 hours in the spa and then headed for the city when it was time to eat, you can also choose to eat at the cafeteria, but we decided to add a visit to the city center. There is less than 10 km from the caves to the center where the old buildings are all around the place. The distances are not that big and they can easily be covered by foot. Make sure you also add a visit to Castle of Diósgyőr before you leave Miskolc. It is placed 10 km from the baths and it can tell you a lot about the history of the city. The entrance fee is around 3 euros.

It was the second time I’ve visited Hungary and I will definitely do it again. I am in love with Hungarian building architecture and traditional dishes. If you are thinking about adding it to your traveling list make sure you squeeze in the famous thermal baths from Miskolc, you will not regret it.

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