Letter to the woman that still uses her man/dad/brother to promote herself: you are ruining the work of feminists

You know that feeling of accomplishment that you get when you achieve something on your own? Or that independence feeling that you get when you know you are capable of taking care of yourself? Of course you don’t, because you just love being someones mistress and you are so proud of yourself. I would die to know why!


Don’t get me wrong, I love being a woman and getting the attention from the opposite sex, I just don’t use it as my daily job. It was never my intention to discover Prince Charming’s wealth and have him support me. On the contrary, I love being a self independent woman, man usually say that they love that about me. But what about you? Do man love the fact that you are so dependent of them? And also can you love a man that is not encouraging you to be able to live without him?

But maybe you are working, maybe you got a job in your husbands company, or perhaps in the company where he is the manager. Maybe your daddy offered you a hand to open your own business and now you FINALLY got the chance to show them all that you are capable of being independent. But are you really?

Are you offended by my anger? Are you wandering what is my problem? Well I can easily give you the answer, my problem is you: the biggest enemy of the work of feminists and of those who want equality between sexes. Every time a man objectifies me I know that he was either raised by one like you or had / has a girlfriend / wife like you. Every time I meet you in the office and I know you are there only because of your connections it makes me sick to my stomach. Every time I see you get a promotion instead of someone who deserves it, I get angry. Every time me or one of my friends get mistreated by a man that thinks we are for sale, just as you are, I get mad.

But enough about me, what about you? Do you get angry when you see other women work for what they have? Do you think they are just plain stupid for not using the power of their man? Do does questions ever popup in your pretty head? Didn’t think so.

In the end I have some bad news: you know your daughter, she will also be treated like an object, just as you are. She will get cheated on, just as you are. Ooo, you didn’t know? Well, men love power and you are there to stay, because you don’t have another option, so he can do whatever he wants, including cheating. When you get catcalled on the street, or touched without your consent, you should feel proud of yourself, this is something that you are adverting.

Even if you are doing your best to keep the ideal woman a house pet, your era is coming to an end. You are taking us all a step back, but not for long. You will be ignored by all the women that are supporting the equality between sexes, you will be left alone in the company that you are not fairly owning and you will have no friends among your colleagues. I hear more and more man support the idea of feminism, so you will soon be left without a host to feed and live on.

PS: I attached a video about you, enjoy !


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