Book review: The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman

Being in a relationship is sometimes hard! Understanding the needs of your loved one is not as easy as it might look at the beginning and a communication dysfunction can lead to intense arguments. Here is a book that can really help you out with understanding the dynamics of a healthy relationship.


It is common for us to feel frustrated when our significant other is not giving us the type of love we want, despite the fact that we are showing them how we would like it. We are behaving as nice as possible, but the hints don’t get to them. Gary’s book is here to explain why we are failing to communicate our needs and how can we specifically ask for what we want.

The five love languages‘ is raising awareness about the differences that might come out after the honeymoon phase is over and we go back to our normal habits. Even if we are madly in love and we seem to be a match made in heaven, sometimes we fail to speak the same love language. It is not a sign of a problem, but a lack of knowledge when it comes to reading someones else desires.
There are 5 types of love described in the book: words of affirmation, acts of services, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch. By reading the description of each type you can identify your language and better understand your cravings. If you find more than one match, don’t panic, you probably found your secondary one.

After getting to know yourself, you need to understand what is the love language of your SO. If you are the lucky ones and you get to have the same needs, then you can start working on ways to improve your manners of showing love. If not, it is time to learn more about how you need to show affection to your partner.

Due to Chapman’s background as a couple counselor, you will also read stories of other couples with solutions that worked, or not, for them. Having access to a free therapy session with one of the best from the branch might change the way you express love.

P.S. If you are having trouble identifying your love language you can access the author’s website and take the tests online (

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