Don’t Wait For The Perfect Timing

Also don’t ever let the opinion of others stop you from following your dreams. It might seem hard to start something new, but you shouldn’t wait for your dreams to happen, make them happen.

When I said that I wanted to start drawing my friends asked me if I had any studies or talent in that area. Or if I even know what type of tools I need? Will I choose acrylic or oil or just sketches? The same goes for when I thought of starting a blog, do I know how to write an article? Can I write it in English? Will I be able to get people to read them? I decided not to lose sleep over these questions, start doing what I wanted and let ambition and passion be my guide.

There are a lot of impediments that can keep people from what they wanted to do, but not even one is as big as the fear of failing or making a fool of oneself. Humans are social beings so the validation and acceptance of the others are extremely important to us, unfortunately, this can also come in the way of our true callings. The possibility of failing will always be there, no matter what we choose to do (even at the boring 9 to 5 job!), so we can accept the risk and go ahead with our dreams, or we can regret the cowardliness later.

In the past, it was mandatory for youngsters to know how to express themselves through art, whether it was dancing, singing, drawing, writing or any other creative activity (designing, sewing, photography etc.). These traditions got lost over time and now it is only in the years of our childhood that we get to enjoy the artistic activities. The children do not fear the humiliation and love the attention, even when they are failing, they’re still smiling and willing to give it another try. Choose to learn from kids and don’t get intimidated by the opinion of the others. What other people think of you is their problem, not yours!

Starting a new project can be frustrating and time-consuming at first, but there is also the return of investment that you get when you lose yourself in doing what you love. Thomas Edison said “I have not failed. I’ve found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” so it is all a matter of perspective.


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