Identity thief

Today I came across an intriguing story: someone took the password of the email of a small cleaning company, changed the phone number and stole the costumers. This was kind of a funny story since I think we all have that company that we would like to take revenge on.

I think I can relate to a lot of people when I say we would sometimes wish to punish those who did as wrong, but when it comes to ex-employers this can be taken to another level. The question is: would you go as far as stealing an identity ?

My friends and I would sometimes fantasize about how it could feel for our bosses to take a taste of their own medicine, but we stop there. Others, on the other hand, are willing to risk anything. I cannot tell if their revenge or idea will be worth it or not, but it got me thinking about the tendency to punish those for whom we worked and treated us poorly.

The only person that I could think about doing something remotely bad is an employer that I had in 2011 in Weirs Beach, Laconia, New Hampshire. I was in the program Work and Travel arrived in the city of Laconia and was suppose to start working as a cashier at an amusement park.

Things didn’t work as planned and Kim (that being the name of the devil itself) had me do the house cleaning, alone, in huge houses or empty buildings. The 40 hours a week could not be filled only with cleaning so I also did weeding on a mini-golf field at 40 degrees Celsius. Of course, I could have just sought another job, but there were none in the very small town, filled with students who came with Work and Travel, and due to the need for money I went along for 2 months. All her employees hated her and nobody wanted to work for her in the future, but we all had to smile and tell her in sweet voices “Sure, Kim”.

That awful woman had a son (a spoiled asshole) and a stepson with autism (that she treated like crap). One day I went cleaning her house and saw the rooms of the boys, the gorgeous room that her son had (with lots of toys, of course)  and the second room that was for the second boy which was almost empty with an inflatable mattress.

The summer ended, I came back home and now I am successful in my work, but often think about those 2 months and still remember the scenarios that I had in mind back then. I sure imagine the day I will return there (I swore to myself that I will) and the things I would like to tell her if I were to see her. Even after almost 7 years I still remember the humiliation, the way she looked down on me and try to tell myself that I do not need to prove anything to her, most likely Karma already took care of that. But I sure as hell would like to see someone pull something like that on her.



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